Suggestion In the map designer, maybe give the option to mirror one half of the map onto the second half

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Capris1, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Ok so hear me out. I just designed a relatively large 1v1 map. I wanted the map to be mirrored so I worked on one half of the map before basically copying everything from the first half onto the second half. This was a little time consuming and got me thinking about an option to add to permit users to mirror one half of the map onto the second half. A pretty simple algorithm to implement other than UI changes that will be needed as well.

    My idea of how it could be done is like this:
    Select an option "Mirror map", then choose which half of the map you want to copy (either choose top, down, left or right half). If you choose top then it will automatically mirror onto the bottom part, and so on. And if the map has an odd number of rows or columns, the game could warn you that "The middle row/column will be untouched because you have an odd number of rows or columns".

    Anyway I just thought of throwing this out there as a tip for your awesome map designer :)
    It could potentially be used to make 2v2 maps and have 4 exact sections of a huge map.
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      I second this motion... but there's more types of symmetry than horizontal and vertical. You can also do rotational symmetry at both 180 and 90 degrees as well as diagonal symmetry. "Mirror the map" isn't going to help for rotational symmetry.

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