In light of builders' needs: Adjustable M. Manipulator!

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by locketeerian, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. locketeerian

    locketeerian Aquatic Astronaut

    I've been loving building stuff and this has been consistently on my mind. After you've aquired the 5x5 manipulator upgrade (or any other two size upgrades, really), you cannot go back to the previous sizes. This is fine and dandy when you're digging like a mole and looking for those ores and tunnelling like mad, but it proves to be a pain when you're trying to build delicate patterns and designs in small confined spaces. Switching between a 1x1 and 5x5 is a huge difference, especially when you need to remove many specific things from a mess of others. This gets emphasized when you do wiring and have to avoid touching things.
    It would be nice to be able to go back to the sizes 4x, 3x, 2x after getting the respective upgrades. It would be even more awesome to have the option to delete things in 1x5 or 5x1 lines for that matter. Those kinds of manipulator patterns would be excellent at handling long lines of tiles and blocks right in between the nooks and crannies of your magnificently messy constructions-in-progress!

    TL;DR - Please read. Thanks! :nurutease:
  2. Gasboy

    Gasboy Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yeah, I agree with this. I'd like it to be toggleable. So that we can have the current system of max XxX and 1x1, but have a button tailored to the XxX that we want. So we could do 5x1 or 3x2 or whatever with a single button push.

    I also think that when we are putting down blocks, we should have the same XxX as the matter manipulator, with the same instance. I'd love to be able to put 1x5 blocks down for quick, permanent bridges.
  3. MysticLuke

    MysticLuke Intergalactic Tourist

    Totally needed, that's the reason why I won't upgrade this section of the matter manipulator! Because why trade in a little bigger mining radius for total loss of accuracy (even while mining)? Imagine you want to build some nice detailed home for yourself just to realize that you have to first build some wall and then delete half of it if you wand a 1 layer thick wall for example. Same goes with painting. It's kinda frustrating that you can't change the tool size. And if the size changing mechanism gets implemented we totally nedd a 1x1 mode!
    I dont mind having only XxX options available without XxY but it realy has to be done!:nurutease:
  4. alkanis

    alkanis Intergalactic Tourist

    This is a really good idea, when i need remove things, its so hard to use the manipulator, and the pickaxes or drills are good option for now but you cant reach away tiles. So i hope see this soon

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