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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SkepticFish, Mar 25, 2016.


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  1. SkepticFish

    SkepticFish Aquatic Astronaut

    It would be really nice if there was an in game journal that acted as a wiki by automatically recorded things that you discover in game.

    The best example of this is when you gift someone an item, in the journal it could record whether or not the person liked it. Same could go for recording which fish you caught in which location and season and which foragable items are in which season, as well as any acquirable item in the game. It could be similar to how the unlearned cooking recipes are shown currently.

    You would have to "discover" the item first for it to go into your journal, so it won't be cheating by telling you everything.
    • Destany89

      Destany89 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      This would be very helpful. Or say you buy a book shelf you can buy a journal and check it whenever you want to remember something.
      • Caudyr

        Caudyr Black Hole Surfer

        My suggestion before, tbh...was to have a "Computer" that you could buy (which you could get internet for for limited browsing for special purchases, etc.)...but one of the other things it had on it was data sheets for the NPCs and stuff, where you've recorded everything you've learned about them.

        The computer would be fairly expensive, and it could also allow you to "replay" the scenes with the NPCs again if you want (of course, the replay will have no bearing on the actual game's settings).

        In the meantime, until you can afford the computer...having a "book" you can buy and place down on a table or something for JUST the likes/dislikes/etc of NPCs (w/o re-viewing scenes and stuff like that) would be awesome.
        • MrsEvilbird

          MrsEvilbird Pangalactic Porcupine

          I was gonna suggest this, but instead i'm gonna bump this..

          I'd love to expand a little on the journal, so i don't have to tab out of the game constantly, to get to the wiki..
          When i first started out, i lived on the wiki page, and my laptop doesn't like me tapping in and out of game..
          Especially a fishing tap, in the journal, would be awesome..
          That something has to be discovered first, would be just fine, as long as i could look it up later on
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          • kazuutenshii

            kazuutenshii Space Hobo

            This I like :megusta:
            • wafflerie

              wafflerie Void-Bound Voyager

              I want this so much. I know there's a 'collections' tab
              and eventually the stats machine at the Casino
              for achievements and what-not but a legit day-to-day record would be neat. Technically we have one in the save file but I'm pretty sure that it's not meant for light reading or to help farmer plan.

              There'd be a section on friendships and it lets me know what gifts I've given that characters have hated/liked but only after giving them those items will I find out (so it's not completely wiki) and take into account when a different NPC lets me know what somebody else likes as well.

              Reminders for birthdays would have a highlighted pop-up/sticky note but only after having gifted them once before on their birthdays or once you're past four/five hearts with them.

              I'd love an interface where I could jot down stuff wrt profits and notes on crops and plans for upcoming seasons.

              Also, that computer idea to re-watch cut scenes would be so good.
              • SkepticFish

                SkepticFish Aquatic Astronaut

                I'm glad so many people like this idea!

                I think this would also encourage people to "discover" the game for themselves, because so many people are tempted to look at the wiki for this kind of stuff. Since I have a terrible memory, and don't want to keep a physical log, I feel forced to look at the wiki all the time, it's a bad habit and it makes me enjoy the game less. If there was a way to look up stuff I have already discovered, it would make me want to discover everything.

                Also there could be a statistics page in your journal, a log that lists all your purchases, and sales for the season, so you can see if you made a profit for the season, or year. There could be detailed statistics for those who want to look at stuff like that, like graphs and charts, so you can see which crops are selling well.
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                • kazuutenshii

                  kazuutenshii Space Hobo

                  Exactly what I want haha! Taking a look at the wiki feels more like cheating and spoiling yourself making you less excited of what you'll discover in the game itself. Just a little off topic, the wiki should have spoiler tabs on every stuff so that you don't get accidental spoilers and just look at stuff without getting any

                  :yuno: Y U NO HIDE SPOILERS WIKI? lol
                  • FickleRhubarb

                    FickleRhubarb Astral Cartographer

                    Something at all that we can write on. I would love to be able to buy a sticky note pad or a note pad so I can write notes and put them anywhere or in my backpack/chests.

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