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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by amender25, Mar 4, 2017.

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    First off, I'm sure that this has already been suggested somewhere, but I'm gonna say it myself in case it hasn't. I play this game for several hours at a time and when I get off, I usually come back the next day or after a few days. One thing that always seems to happen is that I forget all the things that I was planning to do when I was immersed in the game. I had plans to do a certain thing for my farm, fix something, or had a specific item I had planned to get. If there was a tab in the pause screen that was like a note pad that let you type in all the things you wanted to do, and that didnt go away after you exited and entered the game, I really think that it would make progress more fluent from session to session. Anyways, thanks for reading this.
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      +1 Struggle is real.
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        I definitely support this. Heck, I lose my thought process after even a few minutes away from the keyboard at times.
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