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    First of all I LOVE this game
    It has already consumed hours of my life. I have almost no complaints about it, to me it is almost perfect.
    Look, I am a sucker for romance and dating in games. I've played many triple A's titles and a lot of dating simulators that include possibility to date someone. And I just can't help myself when I see that such a great game witch such a great concept has such lackluster dating/marriage. You just give someone presents, have 2 to 3 cutscenes and then you give 2 more presents to get married. What's after marriage? Maybe 3 to 4 more dialogue options, no new cutscenes and no real benefits (let's be frank - you propably already have full automated farm by the point you'll get married so your spouse is not really usefull in hepling with chores).

    I've had way too much moments where I thought to myself "well, this feel kinda rushed" or "this marriage is boring". The "I will give this guy/gal x amout of presents and he/she will love me" thing is really, really unfitting.

    The game could have a lot more content and potential if you'd for exemple added dates. Like 5 to 6 different locations that you can go on a date with a person of your choice and you'd have like 2 to 3 activities to do there depending on the weather or season. This already adds a lot. You could do cutscenes, more character development more everything.

    Also being able to marry someone just after you became his/her girl/boyfriend feel way too rushed.
    IMO when you date someone there should be different bar to fill, like the hearts bar exclusive only to your date.
    Only when it's filled you could become married. This already give oppurnity to add many many more cutscenes activities and such.

    What do you think?

    English is my second language so if there's any typos I've made please tell me so I can correct them :3
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