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RELEASED Improved Food Descriptions 2.0

Food descriptions now showing the amount of food and remaining rot time in minutes.

  1. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    NeoVanAlemania submitted a new mod:

    Improved Food Descriptions - Food descriptions now showing the amount of food and remaining rot time in minutes.

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  2. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

  3. HuggableCreep

    HuggableCreep Big Damn Hero

  4. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    Do you using some mods which adds new food or something?
    For example "applejuice" or "wartwine" doesn't exist in the game files.

    At the current unstable this mod works great. On Nightly I Can't do anything right now.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
  5. HuggableCreep

    HuggableCreep Big Damn Hero

    I am using a few mods FrackinUniverse is the offender here, it doesn't look like the new foodstuffs from FU have updated to the new format yet so completly disregard my bug report
  6. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    Thank you for your post nevertheless. :)
    I will have a look at this in the upcoming weeks.

    EDIT: your log file tells something about a missing value "duration". That helps me to improve the script in cases when food effects doesn't have a duration value (maybe existing in mods). After Starbound release v1.0 all mods should be compatible with the new descriptions of this mod. ;)
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
  7. Fijiboy99

    Fijiboy99 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The newest nightly build doesn't seem to load .modpak files, only .pak files, so I can't get the mod to run on it.
  8. HuggableCreep

    HuggableCreep Big Damn Hero

    yeah i noticed that in an update earlier today they finally pushed the format change for the packed files, lets hope this means steam workshop support is coming soon
  9. Dynaflame

    Dynaflame Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Great mod, the only thing I miss are the normal descriptions. Having the food information and seeing what benefits it will provide is way more useful, but it's a bit strange seeing just blank descriptions on foods that don't give you buffs (other than refilling your hunger meter).
  10. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    Yeah thats the problem right now. I'll try to find a solution for showing the regular descriptions too. That means I have to change the whole interface layout to have enough room for all descriptions. ;)
    Dynaflame likes this.
  11. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

  12. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    I'm interested in the mod, but that food "rots" in a certain number of minutes is kinda bugging me so maybe you can switch out "rots in x minutes" with "spoils in x minutes"? Also, would you mind updating the images on the mod page with your new layout?
  13. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    I changed 'rots in ...' to 'spoils in ...' in the current update. ;)
    The preview pictures will be updated in a few minutes.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2016
  14. Altered_Nova

    Altered_Nova Big Damn Hero

    Very nice mod. Does it include non-food consumable such as stimpacks? It would be nice to see the effects and time limits for those items too.
  15. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    NeoVanAlemania updated Improved Food Descriptions with a new update entry:

    A new addon mod for Improved Food Descriptions!

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  16. Fortis

    Fortis Pangalactic Porcupine

    Oh my god, thank you! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I absolutely HATED that food spoilage mechanic and the non stacking! You are awesome for making this mod!
  17. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

  18. TheUnartist

    TheUnartist Pangalactic Porcupine

    buildfood.lua, line 32, should be a 60 not a "60"

    Great mod by the way, couldn't play starbound without it.
  19. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

    Yea it sould be 60 instead of a string but it doesn't matter in this case. :3
    Thanks bro. :)
  20. NeoVanAlemania

    NeoVanAlemania Space Kumquat

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