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RELEASED Improved Containers 2.11

Persistent storage, Mass selling, Renaming, Searching, Sorting, Quick stacking

  1. Wartavian

    Wartavian Pangalactic Porcupine

  2. Natural Aura

    Natural Aura Pangalactic Porcupine

    I doubt it's this mod, especially if what your refering to the "WorldStorage". It looks like that you have Frackin Universe installed. Along with that you seem to have many other outdated mods installed.

    I'm certainly no professional when it comes too these sort of things, however I'll go ahead an plug in this link too help you in case you are using FU. This way you can check what mods are incompatible.

  3. fNightmare

    fNightmare Orbital Explorer

    Hi, do I need to create a new character to use this mod?
    Thanks! :)
  4. Quinch

    Quinch Cosmic Narwhal

    Not to my knowledge. There are some mods, like the bk3k's increased inventory that do, but this just modifies the furniture objects I think.
  5. fNightmare

    fNightmare Orbital Explorer

    I wasn't sure because I once read someone saying that you need a new character when using an inventory mod, but I read a lot about this mod and it doesn't seem like an invasive one, but I'm quite new to SB and I only have used a couple of minor mods.
    Thanks a lot!

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