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Discussion in 'Other' started by Trenix, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Trenix

    Trenix Twenty-three is number one

    Some things I'd like to see.

    • You should be able to break your bugs out of their bottle when attacking with a weapon.
    • Give them rarity. I noticed that they're all common.
    • Critters which are bugs should be treated as such. They should be able to be caught with a net, put in a bottle, and added to your collection.
    • Different bugs should appear in the day and in the night.
    • Have bugs that not only spawn based on planet, but also mini-biomes and near specific areas, like near crops, flowers, trees, water, or underground in caves.
    Finding bugs in the game is really exciting, except there isn't much depth to it. So these suggestions are ways to make it more interesting.
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  2. IxFa

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    • Use the relocator on a bug and when you let it out, it won't despawn
    • I don't see the point, but at least that's a super easy change to make!
    • Critters! We have those. Spiders, snails, rollipollis, slugs, etc.
    • I think some are like that already!
    • They spawn in specific biomes, for some of them, I think!
  3. Trenix

    Trenix Twenty-three is number one

    How do you take a bug out of its jar?

    Because difficulty of finding something is always fun. I'd like to find a rare bug to show off.

    You're right, didn't know that. Critters which are bugs, should be treated like one. Would be nice to have them in your collection and put them in jars as well.

    Not sure how accurate the wiki is, but it doesn't appear so. It seems like this is only for fish.

    Currently they only spawn based on planet type. Mini-biomes don't seem to be a factor. Also I want it to be more than just planet or biome, but even objects. Like having bugs spawn near flowers, ect.
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