Modding Help Implementing 'xnb' files wrong?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by creed.k, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. creed.k

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    Hey! I just wanted to ask the communitys opinion on a matter i'm having and see if anyone else has dealt with it and/or has a solution!
    I've recently been modding my game, did a clean install and deleted all previous saves to be safe even, and so far it has been extremely easy and smooth. The only major problem i've had is the shit storm that is ENB Injector and trying to get reshaders to work lmao
    But something that i'm totally at a loss at is replacing xnb files ?? I've successfully installed a few, such as 'Refined Harvey' and most of the girls for 'No More Bowlegs;' but for some odd reason the sprites for Sam and Alex absolutely REFUSE to change.
    I've replaced their files multiple times and keep a backup folder just in case, my explorer shows the new xnb file as they're different sizes from the OGs but the game remains the same with the old vanilla ones ??
    Any help would be totally appreciated, thanks in advance!
    • Allayna

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      Seems odd to me that the file is a different size.... can you share the mods?

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