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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Exuno, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Hi! I got the game on Switch and have only played like... the first three tutorial levels, and I'm already enjoying all of the fundamental gameplay a lot!

    There's a few interface concerns I have that are really dragging down my quality of life and getting in the way of me liking the game as much as I feel like I should, though. To list some things off I've noticed and feel like would be relatively simple changes:

    -The 'End Turn' menu option shouldn't be the top/default one in the start/empty space menu. Part of this complaint is muscle memory of hitting A > Up > A, but I think there's a valid reason that the input should be more complex than A > A, which can be easy to press thoughtlessly or if you're trying to go quickly and end up a tile off from what you meant to select.
    -Selecting the Attack command should jump to an available target, and possibly cycle through just those spaces. Especially given units that can move and ranged attack, it's very awkward and flow breaking to have to precisely position your unit, then move over to an enemy. Even if you can come up with valid reasons not to move the cursor automatically, please let L and R switch between available selections like it does for your available units at neutral.
    -Please implement a toggle to make units move as quickly as they do while holding the B button. All the animations in this game are gorgeous and I appreciate them, but in general I feel like they're on the slow side, and that goes especially for rote on map movement.
    -On the same note, any option to play battle animations at a faster rate would be deeply appreciated. I do like watching them and the feel and the context they provide, but they still have a certain sluggishness to them, and it's only going to feel worse with more hours put into the game. While I appreciate using the same functionality to skip them as full cutscenes, the only option between disabling them entirely ahead of time being to hold an input for what could be almost half the length of the animation anyway is also problematic.
    - Cursors do not get 'caught' at the edge of available ranges when you hold a button down. This one's really minor, but I have to say it feels really nice and helps a lot when you consider how often you want to be maximizing your movement range.
    -As far as I can tell, there's no way to quickly jump to buildings that haven't produced yet, and that would be really nice for being able to quickly finish off turns, rather than having to do precise movement to get your cursor back to your base.

    Thanks so much for developing this game and listening to my feedback! I still think I'll be playing a lot of this, but if even a few of these things get patched it would make a world of difference in my enjoyment and appreciation.
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    • Manynothings

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      Was considering starting a thread with almost identical concerns so I'll just second the above and add a few of my own here.

      1. Lower the "Skip Animation" button-hold time - right now the hold duration is so long that it feels like most of the animation is done by the time I'm done holding it. I would like to be able to leave on animations and choose which I would like to watch with the skip function, but it takes too long.

      2. Building off of the above - any targetable action should immediately lock to available targets. It's rather annoying for the game to have me put my cursor over which town I want my unit to capture/attack when there's only one available town.

      3. The grids for movement and attack range often do not convey information appropriately, especially for siege units. For example, the grid does not make it immediately obvious that trebuchets and ballistas are unable to attack adjacent squares. Also, siege units that are able to move outside of their current attack range obfuscate their current attack range. Edit: As I play, I've noticed that terrain itself can also cause this problem, especially on maps with lots of clustered forest tiles.

      4. A single button press should display all enemy attack grids - in situations where you're trying to figure out the attack ranges of more than 2 enemies this would be very helpful.

      5. Allow us to "lock" the display of attack/move grids for individual enemies.

      6. It would be nice to have the name of the map tile the cursor is currently over appear under or above the little picture given - sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between what is a traversable piece of water and what is not.
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      • Exuno

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        Adding a couple more things I notice as I continue to play; will probably edit this post as I go.
        -Cancelling an action with a unit should reset the cursor back to that unit
        -Groove Charge Percentage should be more prominently displayed somewhere than a small number when hovering a commander
        -More signalling on whether a unit is in position for a crit/is performing one in a battle animation would feel nice but is mostly just a flair thing
        -Better indication of damage taken when animations are off/skipped: Popup "-4" numbers or lingering on healthbars draining or something?
        -I keep trying to press B to preview attack range. I'm okay with a different button being that, but it feels extra weird to get the unit info screen. I'm not sure exactly how the buttons should be laid out in every instance, but as they are right now they don't feel consistent, imo.
        -My cursor moves even when it's not being displayed because an animation is playing - I usually try to buffer inputs to do the next thing I'm going to do, but in this game it just means my cursor ends up at the side of the map and I have to spend a few seconds reorienting myself instead.
        -Moving to make a quick attack selection (ie, not confirming a space to move and selecting attack) will reset the pathing to the shortest line, which is annoying because usually if I move around an enemy then try to attack them, I had a good reason to want te reposition.
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