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Bug/Issue I'm getting extremely frustrated after experiencing the same graphical glitches for years.

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by RadonWalnut, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. RadonWalnut

    RadonWalnut Big Damn Hero

    As the title states, I have been experiencing the same exact graphical glitches since roughly around 1.0, or in 2016. The glitch appears to be a sprite glitch, where most of the time frames or even entire items will become jumbled up messes of different, completely unrelated sprites. In more uncommon cases, sprites will just completely refuse to render at all, leaving them invisible They seemingly have no trigger and end up happening whenever they please, and seriously ruin the fun and immersion of the game for me.

    I have tried countless times to completely clean out my Starbound folder and reinstall it, and it always comes back. And it's not a mod issue, either. It has happened with or without mods installed. No mods? It happens. Only trivial mods like COLORBOUND that should have no effect on the sprite sheets themselves? It happens. A bunch of different mods? It happens. I have looked and searched for a fix forever, and can't find anything. I have even posted here before about the issue and nobody was able to help. I seriously want to enjoy this game, but I really just cant when I seem to be the only person experiencing a bug that has lasted 2+ years that ruins my immersion, while everyone else seems to be perfectly fine.
    The image contained is a small compilation of the glitches that can occur. Some, as stated above, will only appear during certain frames of an animation, causing them to flash. Others will just completely replace a sprite.

    Please, if you can try to help me in any way you can, I will gladly appreciate it. I just want to enjoy this game again.


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