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    I am so frustrated!!! I've never been a super smarty pants when it comes to modding, but this is really upsetting. I love Stardew so freaking much and I love being able to do a little sneaky sneak cheating, but since I tried to get into the beta, which seems amazing, nothing works! I have updated, from Steam to my Windows laptop, the beta version of the game. I updated SMAPI to 2.8 beta .3
    I have the latest versions of the mods, and they never load!
    I did the whole "copy the log to Steam game launch" thing. It is launching from SMAPI, but the mods don't launch. Everytime I try, all the mods are somehow listed as "Outdated", even though on the Nexus mod page, they are the newest versions! Ugh!! I'll leave the list of mods I really like to use and hopefully someone can help me. Thanks in advance!

    CJB Cheats Menu 1.16
    CJB Item Spawner 1.9
    Content Patcher 1.3.1
    NPC Map Locations 2.0.2
    Safe Lightning 1.0
    Stack Evertyhing 2.3
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      If you're using the beta version of the game, a vast majority of mods are not going to be updated to it for some time if they were incompatible from the start. It's better to play the stable version of the game where mods do work.
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        If your game is 1.3.28 then downgrade to SMAPI 2.7 and download the mod versions that specifically state that they aren't for the newest beta(1.3.29)

        If your game is still 1.2+ then download the mod versions that were made for that. Same goes for SMAPI (like maybe this version)

        You can look up your game version by starting the game via the Stardew Valley.exe, then click on the question mark button in the right bottom corner and the game version will appear in the left bottom.

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