Character/NPC Identical Twins

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by InfinityBringar, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. InfinityBringar

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    This happened out of pure random. I was just starting a new game in the 1.0 pre-launch, nothing special. But someHOW, an npc had the courage to look exactly like my character. He had the exact same hair, skin, pose, you name it! This was one of the funniest coincidences I have ever experienced in Starbound.

  2. Noir Korrane

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    Perfect oppertunity for a little bit of roleplaying :nuruawe:

    Your character lost his twin brother in the attack on earth, the day they were both graduating. He was never the same again.
  3. InfinityBringar

    InfinityBringar Void-Bound Voyager

    RIP in pieces. Pray for twin brother. Pray for remaining brother. :( Lol.
  4. TheFloranChef

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    Wait... How do we know your character is the original? What if an evil doppelganger took his place? :nurushock:

    I'm sorry, but you are not entering my colony until I can verify that.
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