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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Flesh420, Jul 22, 2015.

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    This is a great game, usually I hate tactical RPGs but this one's amazing.

    I think if you guys were to make another one, you could have a huge hit on your hands if you'd add Multiplayer support, DM and COOP. And perhaps gear hunts similar to ARPGS, where people'll play just to get the next best armor, gun, etc. And a randomly procedural custom game or campaign or something, something to make the game totally, or mostly, different when you play. I think multiplayer alone would attract big crowds, considering you guys have already produced an awesome base-- you wouldn't even have to change much besides what's mentioned.....and keep it DRM free, as that's the reason I bought it from GOG. ;)

    But if you guys were to get a gear hunt going like I mentioned, the areas wouldn't need to be so random, but still would be awesome if they were, especially if you guys added a multiplayer component.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your work, and hopefully we'll see more games like this from you guys in the future.
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      You listed pretty much everything that should not be in a Halfway sequel. I'd really rather the devs focus on core mechanics like a proper RPG system with skill points, multiple abilities, etc., more enemy variety and other things that directly improve on gameplay rather than expensive gimmicks that cater to a crowd of people too preoccupied with getting scammed by the latest Call of Duty to even realize this game exists.
      • Flesh420

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        Negative. I'm talking about taking what's here, adding more gear, weapons, enemies, etc., a dash of randomness and one or two MP modes. COD kids don't have the testicular fortitude to even try a game like this, let alone enough brains to use a computer to find it.

        This is only the tactical RPG besides maybe JA2 I've liked.....and doesn't have swords and shields, thank Universe.
        • Seminus

          Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

          Hey Flesh420,
          Thanks for your feedback and glad you enjoyed yourself with our little game. We are working on our next game right now and even though I won't tell anything about what it is I think player whole liked Halfway will love this one. ;)

          We will announce more soonish when we feel ready to do so.

          Fun Fact: We once had a random level generator for Halfway working and a basic multiplayer, but decided to drop it because it would be soo much more work to do...
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