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    Alright, so I have played the game rather extensively and there are a few things that might be pretty cool to implement, as well as extremely useful.

    1. A Craftable Harvesting item. I have noticed it takes an extremely long time to harvest all your crops, even more so if you are like me and like to plant rows of 82 crops each and have like 10 of them going at once. At any rate I would like to see a craft-able item to make this process go along faster and more easily. Perhaps and item you can only use in a straight line and has a 8 block radius around it (one square away from the character, centered on.) the craft-able item then harvests the crops so they drop, much like wood does from trees so you can pick them up. Perhaps even allowing you to pick them up as you go along. Was thinking a wheel or something the player can roll along the ground to make harvesting easier. Or perhaps an item you can place down to automatically harvest crops and place them into a bin at the end to collect.

    2. A Fish Farm. To be able to attach to your pond/s on your farm. Similar to the barn and gem machine, only with fish. You place fish you have caught inside and they reproduce, you can see how many fish you have while inside. It might also be cool to be able to fish out of that area at anytime of the year, much like you can grow any crop in the green house at any time of the year. You would only be able to catch fish you have put into the farm, and you can not put Legendary fish in, since they only appear once and you need to be able to breed them. It might also be pretty cool to add a few new fish that can only be bred and caught through this option.

    3. Husband/Wife Event Planning. The ability to plan events with your husband/wife, or have events that happen every so often only once your married, beyond having a child. Such as picnics, a trip to the park (if you have a child), a night out drinking. A few things the player can do with their spouse, cause couples do these sorts of things.

    4. Community Center Events. I would like to see a use for the community center, maybe events can be hosted there once its unlocked. Its great that you get a cut scene and an award but it really serves no further purpose after that. It would be nice to have it do something once open, I liked the sense of community it brought when everyone was gathered there and kicked Joja Mart out of town. (Was so tempted to settle things the old fashioned way! But didn't, that man was never at any events so he deserved it.) One way or another maybe a special event can be added once its open, or there can be a particular day everyone gathers there at night, like they often do at the Saloon in winter.
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