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Modding Discussion [IDEA] Wh40k Races, items, furniture, ships

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by DeadSomething, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    There are a handful of great mods with some of that, but i'd like to see Wh40k as a whole.
    - playable races as seperate racemods
    - race specific furniture
    - race specific villages and microdungeons
    - race specific ships and vehicles
    - race specific weapons and armor/clothes

    the playable races would be:
    • Imperial Human (maybe imp army+navy and adeptus mechanicus seperately?)
    • Adeptus Astartes/"Space Marines" (male only because of the lore! different orders as seperate races? idk)
    • Adepta Sororitas/Sisters of Battle (female only - it's in the name)
    • Tau
    • Eldar

    NPC encounters:
    • Tyranids
    • Orkz (and Gretchin?)
    • Necron
    • Dark Eldar
    • Chaos Cult
    • Corrupted Astartes/"Chaos Space Marines"
    these races would be a pita to implement as playable and would most likely break wh40k lore as well as starbound lore, so they come as NPC/Monster.

    The Tyranids, Orkz, Necorn and Dark Eldar would be aggressive towards every living being - so the first time you'd enter the ARK outpost, you'd have to try to kill everyone - also the tyranids wouldn't have any weapons or armor; the orkz would have to be able to defy the game mechanics; the Necron would lack any armour and upgradeability; The Dark Eldar would need completely new game mechanics constantly needing sentient beings around them being tortured to avoid dying.
    The Chaos Cult and the Chaos Spacemarines would have no reason to ever try to stop the Ruin.
    If you got an idea how we could still make them playable, please post it.

    But a general Wh40k Universe Mod would be needed changing the universe and game mechanics:
    • Warp-Travel with a slight chance for severe danger
    • i forgot
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  2. mikeloeven

    mikeloeven Big Damn Hero

    A unified 40K mod will be amazing ... especially if there be a mechanism to Exterminatus a planet
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  3. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    well, maybe as a start, one could make the races seperately.
    imperial decorations and furniture would take a lot of work...
    the furniture would include so many styles like steampunk, gothic, medieval, industrial...
    making the ships as some kind of miniatures could work too - i can't imagine navigating through a 1500m long ship with 400 decks in this game and many vessels are either too small or too big, but downsizing them could work.
    i'll see if i can build my ideas for ships on a planet and post screenshots.
    most crucial would be the upgradeability without item loss.

    how easily can gamemechanisms be changed? like FTL jumps changed into Warp-travel, opening up some sort of anomaly-mission with varying events from just navigating through Warp to finding lost and/or corrupted vessels to being breached by chaosdemons...
  4. Maracna

    Maracna Void-Bound Voyager

    As I see it, the best approach would be to make each race separate as their own mods. Rolling everything into a huge mod is interesting, but it would need a lot of dedication and a big team to maintain it both with new content and updated.

    For ships, making them just atylized vessels that look like from 40k but are smaller is ok, gameplay comes first in my opinion, and I saw that big ships suffer from the same limitation planets do (Crops dont update, items dont rez, etc).

    As for game mechanics... I don't see any way to do it without changing how FTL works. Nobody seems to have ever tried a mod about ship invasions, so I have no idea how such would work.
  5. mikeloeven

    mikeloeven Big Damn Hero

    I kinda like the idea of going beyond races to a total conversion mod exploring unique biomes based on imperial xenos and daemon worlds. although the chaos gods influence is already present Toxic world = Pappy Nurgle, Mutated worlds are Just as planned, Flesh biomes = Slaanesh or khorne depending on ratios of bloody meat to actual flesh and number of skulls
  6. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Maybe starbound is a bordersector so that explains the lack of hivecities etc.
    but i actually like the idea of seeing forgeworlds, spacehulks, spacestations with docked battlebarges, fortressworlds etc.

    "breaching chaosdemons" i imagined as just like from nowhere a chaosdemon spawns inside the ship and goes rampaging. also FTL/Warp travel could set you off a few stars by chance if you're unlucky. of course that woudl require quite the rewrite of FTL travel and i know enough about game development, scripting, texturing and modeling to know that i can't do that, but others would.
  7. mikeloeven

    mikeloeven Big Damn Hero

    actually hive/forge worlds could be new planet types you have an entirely urban tile-set all underground biomes will be industrial / maintenance area tile-sets. hiveworlds would be entirely inhabited by humans they are friendly to humans and glitch (who due appearing sufficiently Gothic and possessing a sufficiently medieval mindset are mistaken for adeptus mechanicus) openly hostile to any xenos race

    as for demonic incursions your idea only makes sense when it happens during FTL travel. chaos-daemons never simply appear from nowhere in fact real space is quite toxic to most warp entities. They can only manifest on ships traveling through the warp in the event of gellar field instability or if there is a weak minded / untrained psyker on board it can use as a conduit. on planets you need a world that is already corrupted by chaos or near a warp rift/ storm. if no such breach between realms is available complex rituals and a ridiculous number of sacrifices to summon one. So yeah i like the idea but It can only be possible during FTL
  8. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    new planet types would be a great idea, but i fear a planet with nothing but endless city full of NPCs would kill the game, but we might find a way to at least add imperial setllements (military and civillian) and technical installations on planets.
    any settlement bigger than a typical Glitch fortress or evil dungeon could be too big.
    New tiles would be mandatory just as new furniture.

    i meant during FTL jumps only. I think whoever wants to work on this should either be eager to make changes to go conform with the lore or should watch videos about lore by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChS9wazLlTUHSTeKVG39hZw or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Tb8KvaNNhuErQjhVMfGfw .
    In other games, losing against an unbalanced enemy was even less unnerving than seeing lorebreaking things every 10 seconds.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  9. mikeloeven

    mikeloeven Big Damn Hero

    I just hope they get the sound of bolters right for once there is not one single 40K game movie or media production that doesn't make them sound like heavy machine guns. But in reality they are basically automatic 20mm grenade launchers that fire small RPG's
  10. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    they're 20mm Gyrojet guns, shooting armourpiercing Explosive rockets - so there's basically no recoil.
    edit... sry, my fault, i was distracted by the term "grenade launcher"... it has a tiny load that only is just enough to propell the projectile out of the barrel and ignite the real propellant inside the projectile, which can have a variety of warheads with the armourpiercing explosive being the most common. (it explodes right after it passes the target's armour)

    shows it as accurate as it gets.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
  11. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

  12. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    There doesnt seem to be enough interest for such a mod to keep working on it. all the ideas gathered and all the things made by me are free for anyone to use in mods or games or whatever.
  13. Trollinator316

    Trollinator316 Seal Broken

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  14. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    haven't modded any mech yet. a knight could be quite big as a mech.

    "Knights, also known as the Questor Imperialis[10], are smaller and less powerful one-man versions of Imperial Titans. Knights are smaller than Warhound Scout Titans, and can only mount one Titan-class weapon. These can range from Vulcan Mega-bolters to Volcano cannons"

    "Freeblade Knights refer to Imperial Knights and their pilots who leave their Knight World behind and travel across the Galaxy. These Knights owe no allegiance to any specific Knightly House and usually travel either alone with a small group of retainers and Sacristans or in small bands of Freeblades.[1a] "
    as you can have a mech before having any crew, this would seem out of canon, but i won't stop you.
  15. Trollinator316

    Trollinator316 Seal Broken

    The only 40k game I've played is Freeblade so don't go all 40k on me :3
  16. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

  17. DaWrecka

    DaWrecka Phantasmal Quasar

    Very late, I know.
    You just said yourself that Chaos CAN invade realspace, given the right circumstances. So why couldn't a Starbound mod incorporate Chaos encounters on planets, in the form of microdungeons? Areas of a planet where cultists of some description - or pure chance - have weakened the barriers between realspace and the Warp, allowing daemons to invade and altering the landscape. There's already a mod that adds, among other things, a microdungeon with Occassus cultists who are scratting around a small toehold of the Ruin. Why could the same principle not be applied with a Warp rift? It might have daemons only at the centre, but with Traitor Marines and/or cultists roaming further afield.
  18. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    you're right. this is a possibility. also FTL travel could cause it.
    i'm planning on a WH40k imp human racemod and want a "jump gone wrong" (gellarfield malfunction) as the intro mission.
    as the ship is later repaired, FTL later works as usual.

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