Idea for new Crewmember mechanic

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by DerSocken, Feb 22, 2017.


How do you like the idea.

  1. I like the leveling part.

  2. I like the equipp part, but without leveling.

  3. I like both.

  4. I dont like it.

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  1. DerSocken

    DerSocken Void-Bound Voyager

    I think it would be really nice if Crewmembers level up when they are fighting and can get better equipp bye doing quest you unlock when they reach e.g. lv 5/10/20

    crewmembers have diffrent levels for each stat ( Health/Armor, ranged Weapons, close-ranged Weapons )
    and get exp by ( reciving Damage, Hit anyone/anything with ranged Weapons, with close-ranged Weapons )
    and they get ( More Health, Damage multiplier, Damage multiplier )

    Crewmembers get quests for reaching e.g. lv 5/10/20 where you need to give them materials and they craft theire own weapons and armor. When on full level with everything they craft any other useable thing (like this glowing tree-thing players can find or poison resistance with a mask)

    I think this would make Crewmembers better for fighting but they should still be weaker the you are.

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