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  1. Fallen-Feces

    Fallen-Feces Aquatic Astronaut

    Shared farms. Many probably suggested this already but ill do it too.
    When you create a farm you have the choice for a "Private" Farm which is single player or a "Shared" Farm which is multiplayer. How shared farms work is when you choose a shared farm you send an invite to a Steam/Xbox/PS4 friend. The invite does not need to be accepted be the recipient to play but can be revoked anytime by the sender. Shared basically makes it so one player can go on the farm and play while the other can too. They also can be there together. However, house upgrades will cost extra materials and cash. Not farm buildings, though. This is because of logic. It would make no sense for a 1 person house to cost the same as a 2 person house. The shared farm's house will be larger than a private farm's house because of the 2 players living there. The maximum amount of players who can share the farm is 2 to prevent insanity. If this is added as an official update it could potentially prevent some piracy due to the shared farms requiring a steam account and a steam account and such to be linked to the game. But if I'm wrong about the piracy part don't kill me for it since I practically know nothing about piracy. Hope this is taken into consideration!


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