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Idea for Agaran-Novakid dialogues

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Blevruz, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Blevruz

    Blevruz Phantasmal Quasar

    It seems there are not specific Agaran-Novakid dialogues. I made some, please tell me what you think.

    Agaran villager to Novakid

    <Universal Translation error. Language not recognised. Attempting to parse.>
    Halhoom, Starthing. Nab habita woosh.
    Hoom, Starthing. Nab powshroom, plesta.
    Starthing deka bizarra.
    Mesti feara powshroom. Nab powshroom, plesta.
    Hum. Starthing, plesta am wooshplace go. Esti colda.
    Hoom, Starthing. Mesti habba nab powshroom.
    Halhoom, Starthing ! Clink powshroom ?
    Mesti bravada. Habba chopshroom. Starthing bravada, too ?
    Hoom, Starthing. Habita nab wooshplace. Nab nab.

    Agaran merchant to Novakid (unmentioned quotes are left the same):

    Welcome: Hoom, Starthing ! Feesle the mushroom habito !

    Open merchant window:
    Halhoom, Starthing. Exchanga pixels hab powshroom ?
    Hoom, Starthing. Habble pixels ?
    Hoom. Starthing mesta clink clink ?

    I think these are written in correct Agaran speech. Do not hesitate to correct it.
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