Idea for a Fan creation contest!!!

Discussion in 'Other Fan Creations' started by kantey, May 16, 2016.

  1. kantey

    kantey Void-Bound Voyager

    I love starbound I think its an amazing game I love almost everything about it except for one small, minor, tiny, itsy bitsy detail, The main outpost is super... well not super. I think you should host a "Fan Creation Contest" to see who can make the coolest bestest outpost! The winner gets his or her name added into the credits and a T-shit signed by the devs. Pretty cool idea huh!

    P.s. Everyone is amazing.
  2. SimplyShadow

    SimplyShadow Tentacle Wrangler

    I dont know, i honestly think the outpost is fine!
  3. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Please be mindful of thread dates. This thread was dead for more than a year before you posted, and OP hasn't been online since.

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