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Discussion in 'Other' started by Londinensi, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Londinensi

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    As the rest of the world is playing Pokemon Go and choosing their faction, when the idea for factions in Starbound came to me. This could be a very good idea to include when Starbound gets released. Here are some things that could be included in the factions.
    1: Quests and side-quests
    2: Settlements (like Fallout 4)
    3: Relationships
    4: Raiding other faction's bases and settlements

    Forgot to mention, one NPC quote says you should join the USCM which could be a joinable faction.
    Also, if this was ever implemented, I would recommend only having 3 factions hence 2 factions is too little and 4 is too much to choose.

    Im not the best at writing posts or explaining my points, so at least give me suggestions and correct what I rambled about.
  2. Crixalis

    Crixalis Master Chief

    Great idea! Maybe we can even have a server like 2b2t in Starbound! (Team Rushers ftw!)
  3. Londinensi

    Londinensi Master Chief

    Thanks! It was kinda implemented in the new update (as you can see). The protectorate are awesome as hell.
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  4. Crixalis

    Crixalis Master Chief

    yeah, but i meant on a server. Pretty much the starbound equivalent of 2b2t.
    Or we can just have ordinary factions like in minecraft, that is fine with me too :p

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