Idea: Can we have the chance to mail our own gifts to NPC?

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Would you want to be able to mail gifts to villagers at the start of your day?

  1. Yes, it would be a neat way to cut down on busy work.

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  2. Nah, I like running all over town to find my friend.

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  1. Venatio777

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    I don't know if this was suggested already but I could find no mention in the first three pages. Anyways...

    We have all been there, a busy week in the valley ahead of us and of course we want to hand out gifts to all the npc we need to. Mind you, unless you have tracked their movements through the wiki like the world's most well informed stalker you will most likely be running all over town and barging into their homes to find them. And you come back home after losing an entire day doing this you could have spent in the mines or skull cave... and you wake up the next day and find a gift in the mail to you from one of the npc.

    Maybe you got to thinking "this seems much more refined than running around town with a cactus fruit over my head. Why can't I mail stuff to other villagers as gifts?"

    So yah, I think this game could use a mailing system. Mind you, there should be some limitations and it can't completely replace the odd hunt through town for your chosen giftee of the day:

    1. Can't mail flowers or certain meals, no dandelions or roast salmon in the delivery box. You can mail artisan goods like wine. Also, no more than one item can be mailed at a time. Maybe you can send meals? The flower thing is self-explanatory.
    2. It takes about two days for the package to arrive. So if you mail it on Wednesday it should arrive by Friday morning. And you will need to pay a fee for the mail to be sent, so a new character won't be able to spam mail all willy-nilly.
    3. A received package counts against a weekly total, but this is ticked off the moment you send it. But, if you send the gift on Friday and it is slated to arrive next week Sunday then it will not count for your total this week and only count against your total next week. Meaning, if you want to maximize your gift allotments then starting Friday you still need to run into town with the gift.

    The interface for all of this would be activated by clicking on your mailbox when there is no package inside it at present. I also think that a mailed gift that arrives on a Birthday should be able to count as a Birthday gift with all full value in friendship points. Maybe we can add a gift wrapping mechanic intertwined with the mailing interface where you can send the package wrapped for extra points but at extra cost.

    Frankly, if there are any plans to add more characters into the game then such a feature would likely be needed to keep things manageable. This would be great for new players trying to manage their time or older players who want an easier time planning their schedules (which for some are quite detailed).

    The idea behind all of this is to give people options for gift-delivery either in the early morning before they might run off to the Skull Cave and then late at night when handing in gifts might not be possible for what time is left in the day.
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