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    can you steal the penguin crown, can you? will you just be a jester or the queen, maybe if your lucky you will become the prince, but can you be king? trade ice, votes and favors to get to the top, in the game of ice.

    ice is game where you play as colony of ice trading penguins on a outskirt planet that sells ice to the protectorate. the main game revolves around voting to try and make the rules right so that you can become king

    when the game starts each player gets five ice and is a miner, players can talk freely on the form about what they want to do and the game, if a player wants to call a vote they can type in: "call vote:" and then what the new rule would be then every one can vote

    all players may call for a vote by typing "call vote:" (a vote cant be called if there is a vote going on) followed by what the vote would do. if you call a vote your vote is yes and you cant spend ice. a vote can do almost any thing except changing voting rules or win condition/winning classes

    if a rule is broken the players will vote if they want to kill the rule breaker, this wont count towards ending the day

    there are two super votes that can be called:

    kill player, if the vote passes the player will be removed from the game

    the rune, if this passes the protectorate is destroyed and you cant use ice

    to vote player type in "vote:" then yes or no, then they may use any amount of there ice to add that many votes to what there voting for.

    a vote ends when 8 people have voted if there are 8 or less players then the vote ends once 5 people vote.

    there must be a majority of votes for yes for a vote to pass

    when three votes have paced in a in game day a new in game day starts and every one gets an ice

    there are four places you can get from best to worst:
    1. king
    2. prince
    3. queen
    4. jester

    players can vote to put someone in any of the ranks if no ones in it and a few conditions are met
    there most be a jester to vote for a queen
    there most be a queen to vote for a king
    there most be a king to vote for a prince

    once a price is elected the game end

    the jester gets one extra vote
    the queen gets two
    the king gets three

    if the person below you would lose there rank so do you

    giving ice:

    at any time a player may give ice to another player

    there are five basic class:

    players may vote to change the rules of a class (you still cant change win conditions) or make a new class.

    starting a game:
    to start a game there most be fifteen or more people willing to play

    once you have all the players create a thread with there names/any rules you are changing and start playing
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    looking to make a game any one want to play?

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