Question I Wish For Infinite Wishes!

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    If you were granted a few wishes in real life, what would you wish for?

    What would you wish for if you trusted the source?

    What would you wish for if you didn't trust the source?

    How would you use this power to help the world?

    How would you use this power to help yourself?

    i would wish for a soda and an apply juice. c:
  2. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    A robot, infinity sandwich box, and infinity water bottle box.

    I am gonna ask for a robot that can talk, think, fight, whine, etc. Basically, a robot that can do things like Human.
    Preferably a female, but male is also awesome.

    The infinity sandwich box, a box that generate infinity sandwich, and infinity water bottle box, a box that generate infinity water bottle (so, you take one, and the next time you open the box, it will appear again). Because if it's cursed, I don't have to regret much. I can just seal it and put it in an ancient temple or something. Then put a note on its container, "eat it and regret."

    Well, for the robot I wished, first, I am going to tell him/her that I am his/her dad (or friend is fine too), second, I am going to teach them about helping people in need and saving people in danger. As for the infinity sandwich box and water bottle box I wished (if it's not cursed), it will be a source of unlimited food for the world.

    The robot will be a great friend (and guard) for me, and the infinity box (again, if it's not cursed) will cut my spending for food and drink.
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