i was so close to quitting after my first day...

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    so after downloading the game and trying it out i did not gain much entertainment and it got worse as i got stuck trying to find out how to complete the early quest find the source of the "mysterious messages"
    i realized after hours had passed by and i was at the edge of quitting that after teleporting back to the shop place station thingy... that if i went right (i hadn't went here via the ship portal directly but rather via the planet portal leaving me at the left side of the town) as mention i arrived at right side and went right as i were expecting to run into town, instead i ran into thos light statues or whatever they are and kept walking until i found who i was looking for... just remember that it took me several hours because of my lack of curiosity and a simple misstake to find 'her'

    MY SUGGESTION: to this issue would be to add an arrow that points towards the direction of where she is located, or make it more obvious where she is located.

    if i can run into this misstake (even tho im 17 and quite a good terraria player) so can others.
    there are some details i haven't mentioned yet like how going left when you arrive at the left side of town takes you into an endless abyss and how you expect the same to happend going right from the right side of town (both at their respective portals)

    sorry if this was a bit confusing and long and all... tho this is really important for me at the moment since i DID spend hours looking for a way to progress.
    mabye the quest dialogue from the npc's told me to keep going right... but i wasn't really intrested in the dialogue so far and just wanted to rush

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