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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Eris Takahashi, Nov 28, 2015.

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    I crash upon trying to load older mods and when I check the log file, I don't really understand where the problem is and certainly don't know how I would fix it. I get an error relating to movement parameters for one mod, and I forgot the others. I'll try the others later for the error log. (I know there are multiple log files, but I don't feel like going through them. I'll just start the game again with 1 mod at a time.)

    Note: I know very little about modding in general, but I learn quickly, so any help is greatly appreciated and maybe I can update some mods within next few days. I just need to know what parts to change and how. (I'm fairly certain it's just the script structure or something like that)

    I will look into scripting now or soon and come back to this. Thanks to all who assist me or try to~ :)

    (This should probably be mentioned: Some mods I want to update to work with the current version are NSFW/Adult-oriented. Though the worst that would be show in this thread would be text. I will not post any images to show they worked :\ The reason I even care to play with them is out of boredom really. It's kinda funny anyone even bothered to make the mods xD)

    Okay, so here's the log file for SkArmor:

    This is the specific error: "Fatal Exception caught: (StarException) An error occurred during loading: (ItemException) Duplicate item name 'humantier1head' found"

    Hopefully only requires minor editing. (The SkArmor mod was last updated march of 2015 I think, so it's not that old, but I still wanna fix it for myself and upload later if the original author does not return. I think it's okay to do that if I can't contact him/her.)

    Here's the log for Hox Metroid Armor Pack:
    Note: I also had Xbawks and Viera mods installed, and Viera had a patch error, but it runs fine so far.

    The specific error for Hox Metroid Armor: Error: Exception raised during Root finishLoad: (MapException) Key 'visibleRect' not found in Map::get()
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    Best Answer
    For future reference
    • There is an edit button on the bottom of the the post, so you don't need to make a new thread or double post.
    • If by chance you make 2 threads by accident, press the Report Abuse button to inform a moderator to delete the thread.

    For Modding you can get the basics down with my eBook

    It should contain a section also explaining how to interpret the starbound.log in the end.
    Starbound.log is a sequential log. So;
    • starbound.log = the log of the current game session.
    • starbound.log01 = the previous game session
    • starbound.log02 = 2 game sessions ago
    • etc.
    For your errors
    • Duplicate Item - means there are 2 items with the same name.
    • VisibleRec not found in map get - generally means the defining parameters - could be anything from collision box to visible rectangle is either missing or not valid.
    For some Basic Modding Guidelines
    • The old mods may use the _merge system - which is no longer used. Hence the entire mod has to be remade in the .patch system.
    • Maintaining the directory structure of the mod is important. If it is not the same as vanllia ( and you are editing a vanillia file ) you will get duplicate errors.

    As for updating old mods - you can do so for personal use.
    But you can only release updated versions if the Author has given permission to do so;
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    Thank you so much :) this is exactly what I needed! and sorry about the double post.
  4. You should be able to post links now.
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    are you still doing this?

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