I wanna see your farmer!

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by OmbreDice, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Merryberry

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    My latest farmer (Trying to get back into the game after a year, so I started fresh.)
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    • Dnksh

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      I cant draw, so my farmer look's like him but is white.
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      • BlueSkyes

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        A lot of posts here start with, "This is my farmer / character" or "Here we are ..."
        I will start it like this, then:
        (Okay, now it just got awkward, so...)
        ProfileBeta-cop - Copy.png

        I made this a while ago as a profile picture, but it was a little weird. So... I post it here (Made with Medibang)

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        • Neonn_Neo

          Neonn_Neo Seal Broken

          Here's mine! she also wears a dark blue zup-up hoodie and the mermaid's pendent! i just don't have them pictured here :3
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          • masterroshi

            masterroshi Yeah, You!

            here is my farmer! I drew him manga style

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