I Wanna Be A Pirate!

Discussion in 'Side Quests' started by TrainerRED, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. TrainerRED

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    I have been an adopter of Starbound since day one early access. I love what this game has become with all the added content and story. However, one thing I think is lacking is the choice to be a "less good" hero let's say. I would love to be a pirate or a smuggler raiding ships and stealing cargo. I want to run from the law, get in trouble, lead a band of mercenaries and attack colonies. Maybe even add an economy to sell stolen goods and buy illegal weapons. This could also work with the Bounty Hunter update as well with players acquiring higher bounties the more ships they rob or people they kill. Hunters would come and try to take you in depending on the size of your bounty, think Red Dead Redemption. As a long time fan please consider this addition. I know I am not the only one asking for this.

    If anyone else agrees please give this thread some of the attention that it deserves. Thank you!
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  2. harvie89

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    Factions would be a suitable idea
  3. TrainerRED

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    That would just go above and beyond my expectations. Factions would be wonderful but I'd settle for just being a bad guy for now, but hey if they're willing I say go for it!

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