I think my cow was abducted by aliens...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by konnahm, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. konnahm

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    Seriously! One of my cows stayed out and I think I may have closed the barn door. That night I heard really strange eerie music and the next day my cow was no where to be found! I have witnesses: others in the room with me heard the strange music. Bessie never returned either. My poor sweet Bessie...Anyone else experience this?
    • Deleth

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      Ladies and Gentleman, if you will look right here.
      • Haebaragi

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        I wouldn't put anything past CA at this point to be honest. WTF stuff everywhere.

        But no, I haven't. I've even left barn doors open overnight several days in a row and never had an animal missing. I have them fenced in with Hardwood though, and properly gated.
        Are the animals fenced in or free range? Maybe if they were free range they wandered off to Narnia Door and never came back,
        • sorrymyfault

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          i also left my barn and coop open over night but noone of the animals every stayed out, they allways go inside at the evening. if you got no fence like me it might take up to 8pm till all the animals are inside depending on how far they are away
          • Calacene

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            The OP said that they closed the barn door before their cow got inside, not that they left it open overnight
            • sorrymyfault

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              ohhhh srymyfault, in that case in just ran of
              • The | Suit

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                If it follows anything similar to HM style - Any animals left outside at night are usually taken by wolves.
                • Iffydust

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                  Poor Bessie don't give up hope :) My cat "Sir Samurel Jr" disappeared from the farm for a month in the middle of winter. I found in my bed at spring again . Maybe look at Marnies farm might be a bull there that Bessie got her eyes on?
                  • Lanx12

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                    Sorry sorry I barrowed bessie ! I'll send her back with some gold I needed a cow to make some cheese so I can take someone out on a picnic date :p
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                    • Sevidra

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                      ^ MP needs player marriages. >.>
                      • konnahm

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                        I really am curious if CA put this in the game. Also I know folks will have seen Santa cross the night sky, but I have also seen a flying saucer!
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                        • Morichinatsu

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                          I'm loving this game more and more with all of this whacky stuff CA has bundled up inside. I now need to make a copy of my save just to leave my animals outside. Please take my offerings, oh spoopy aliens of alieness! They volunteer as tribute
                          • JaxxSC

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                            Now what you actually saw was a build up of swamp gas.
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                            • Eirrinn

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                              -X files music plays in the background-
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