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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by astrotam, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. astrotam

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    So, I finished the Community Center and would like to work on the Wizard's quest next. I know I need to see Krobus in the sewers, but I seem to have, um, misplaced my key, possibly by getting incapacitated in the mines. Is there another way to enter the sewer, or am I SOL?
    • Zosa

      Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

      i think you might be able to get it back either from the guild or from the museum curator. i remember reading a while back that if you lose a core item(like your hoe) you can buy it back from one of the npcs but i can't recall who and i am not sure if that includes wallet stuff
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      • One More Day

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        You won't get the key to the sewer until you donate sixty items to the museum

        When you do get given the key it goes into tour wallet, it's not a physical item in your regular inventory, so you can't lose it in the mines
        • astrotam

          astrotam Space Hobo

          Good to know! Thank you all for your help!!!
          • ShneekeyTheLost

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            This is the correct answer.

            The sewer key goes straight into your wallet, it never goes into your inventory, thus never has an opportunity to get lost while fainting in the mines.

            Furthermore, tools are in the same situation, you cannot have your hoe vanish from your inventory because of how the code works. Basically, it won't destroy anything that the game won't let you manually trash, which is all tools, including the slingshot and master slingshot, but NOT including any weapon, including any of the Galaxy weapons. The only way to destroy any of the tools is to put them in a chest in the path of an NPC, and then have that NPC destroy the chest with the item in it.
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            • astrotam

              astrotam Space Hobo

              Thank you all for your help! I will look to see if I have donated 60 items to the museum as I may not have just yet. Thanks!!!

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