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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by NovaHex, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. NovaHex

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    Well so i need help beause all of the tutorials that i could find only talk about making items or races bu there are none for making GUI and i am making a mod that requires Gui making a lot, so the mod idea is to add a Gui menu with icons representing stores from the oupost and when you click on them you can open said stores without being at the outpost
    but you would need to first buy from maybe frogs furnishing, a kinda like reverse terramart shipments (you would place a landing path on maybe your ship, planet base or station and when you buy something from the Store using the custom menu you would need to go to your landing path and just like with the terramart shipments a pod would land there with the items you bought (a cool idea but while i dont know how to make GUI becasue there are no tutorials)
  2. Troll-farente

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    Do you know lua? (I know, stupid question). I myself have never tried to make my custom GUIs, but I know for sure that lua is needed for this. Try, if you haven't solved this problem yet, see how GUIs are made in other mods. BTW, somewhere on the Inet there's freely available (as far as I remember) a GUI for furniture store of an author... If you can find it, then you will have the opportunity to study/use its code for your GUI.
    If I remember correctly, it may be somewhere in chucklefish's website ( , modding section. But I'm not sure.

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