I need a little help, Outpost shops reset

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  1. SamuFinland

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    So my teleport locations and Outpost locations got reset and the ship travelled to a random location. My PC didn't close at the middle of the game or anything. My only guess would be I pressed the Exit button immediately after the main menu showed up when I pressed Save and Quit.
    I managed to get back to my starting planet and to the Outpost and noticed it was reset. The rest of the reset progress isn't really a problem, the flags are still there and I hadn't explored many planet outside my starting solar system yet.

    So my Outpost is reset, meaning most of the shops are closed. Only the Teddy Bear quest seems to be reappeared. How can I return the Outpost the way it was before it was reset?
  2. Nostradominator

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    When was the last time you logged in?

    Same thing happened for me after the recent small update, my guess is it was that. This used to happen a bunch before 1.0, especially in the early days, would have hoped it wouldn't after the game fully released.
  3. SamuFinland

    SamuFinland Phantasmal Quasar

    Alright, I found a fix that allows me to redo the quests. I simply created a new character, teleported to Outpost and redid the quests. As every character shares the same Outpost progress and the new character didn't gave the quests as done the game allowed me to redo them with the new character. After that I switched to the original character and bam, the Outpost's shops ttgat I previously unlocked are open again!
  4. nomaki

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    For anyone else who finds their way here for the same issue (Outpost progress being reset), paraphrased from this Reddit post are the commands you can type into the chat window to restore your progress:

    First, you will need to make yourself an Admin
    WARNING! This also unlocks absolutely everything from crafting, tech upgrades etc; so for the sake of not ruining all the fun for yourself, try to avoid doing anything whilst Admin mode is enabled!

    If you are playing single player, you can just type:
    to grant yourself Admin rights in your universe

    If you are hosting a multiplayer server, see this update log to add yourself as an Admin to your universe.

    Once you have admin rights, type in one of the following commands based on your prior progress in the story:

    Have you done the scan quest?

    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission1
    Have you found the Floran artifact?
    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission2
    Have you found the Hylotl artifact?
    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission3
    Have you found the Avian artifact?
    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission4
    Have you found the Apex artifact?
    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission5
    Have you found the Glitch artifact?
    /setuniverseflag outpost_mission6

    Once you have made sure your Outpost is back to how it was, just type
    or remove yourself from the server's admin list to disable Admin mode and go back to bounding across the stars!
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  5. captain kid

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    I am having a similar problem. thanks to those admin codes I have most of the Outpost reset, or I Think I do.
    But the g ame thinks I have not completed Dreadwing.
    What is the code for the Dreadwing quest?

    And are there any more quests I need to make sure the game recognizes I have done?

    Typical. I look for several minutes, find nothign and the second I make this post I find the answer:
    /setuniverseflag outpost_beakeasy

    Now to make sure there aren't any more quests the game think I have not done..

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