I made myself sad over starbound accidentally.

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    I had this sadness epiphany a while back and I finally made an account on here and wanted to share it with fellow fans of starbound. I played the game during its early access and I played it fairly regularly until just after novakid were added to the nightly builds. I ended up not playing it for a bit, partly because such a vast universe to explore was lonely since none of my friends played the game, and partly because I was without a computer for a few years. Anywho during the time I played I made up characters of each race, gave them a backstory and basically made them a crew. In the starbound universe. The sad thing was I lost all my notes on them. So when I finally opened the game again, made the captain (the novakid of the crew and the only one I could remember his design in game off the top of my head) And played through the opening sequence of earth being destroyed I Sat in shock as I realized that the old crew didn’t make it off that crumbling planet... just the captain, and he’s having to make his way through the universe knowing he left them behind...
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