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Bug/Issue I just brought the game and It came with someone else save file.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zuruchan, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Zuruchan

    Zuruchan Space Hobo

    Yesterday I brought Wargroove on Steam, and before playing for the first time, one friend of mine came at my house and logged in with his Steam Account.

    Just happens that he has Wargroove on his account and by some way this save file loaded in my game.

    There is some way to reset the whole game to try the tuturial? I'm very lost.

    thx in advance :nuruflirt:

    PS: When I started the game, I won some single player achivements, three at total.

    The same friend who logged in my computer helped me to solve it

    1. Go offline mode on Steam
    2. Delete all files on \AppData\Roaming\Chucklefish\Wargroove
    3. Play a little bit of the game, one misson, etc
    4. Go back online
    6. An Steam Cloud's files conflit popup appers
    5. Upload the newest file to Steam Cloud.
    7. Profit

    Hope to help you all
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