I had this weird dream... (Long Story Warning!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Powerwing Amber, Nov 27, 2016.

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    I've probably been playing this game for too long if I'm having dreams involving it. Nothing too weird, but I thought I'd tell everyone about it while it's still fresh in my mind. :rofl:

    It all started with Elliot in the library. He's sitting at one of the tables, reading a book quietly by himself.

    I must add he looked much younger in the dream. He had a strangely less chiseled chin. Not very important, but I found the difference interesting.

    Anyway, aside from Gunther, there wasn't another soul in the building.

    And then, I showed up.

    Or rather, the farmer version of me appeared. It must have been winter out, because I tracked in snow while wearing a mouth mask* and that stupid Santa hat with a bell I like so much.

    So, after turning in some artifacts to Gunther, as I'm wont to do, I spotted Elliot by himself and stopped to say hello. He immediately got this really embarrassed look on his face, closed the book and tried to hide it. I didn't get the chance to see the book, so I asked why he was acting so weird. He tried to change the subject by doing his little flowery speeches, but my curiosity was too strong.

    I tried to take the book, but he moved it so he was almost sitting on it, so that wasn't good. I kept prying and trying to convince him to tell me what the big secret was, but he'd continue to change the subject or tried to flirt and get me all flustered so I would 'forget about it', but to no effect. It was basically a standoff that seemingly lasted for hours with neither side budging.

    Then, as I was trying to figure out how to steal that book, Elliot asks about the mask. I don't tell him. So, it's like mind game central as we're both trying to figure out the other's secret without doing so by force.

    And suddenly, Abigail just poofed into the library and knocked over two book cases. When that happened, Penny, Vincent, Jas and Lewis are suddenly there and just staring at Elliot and me. (Albeit, they should be staring at Abi. Humm...)

    Elliot and I looked at each other and then at the crowd nervously, as if we done something inappropriate and we both hid under the table until Gunther kicked us out at closing time. We ran to our homes before it got dark and I remember we both slipped on the ice and fell on our butts at one point while trying not to laugh at one another. I also remember thinking: Am I having an unresolved tension moment?

    I never did find out what that book was all about. :(


    Some side notes:

    My character is still single in the game. This is on purpose, since I'm a work-first, relationships later kind of girl. ~ώ~ Although, everyone datable is at 8 hearts (except Hailey, since I keep forgetting to talk to her Xo)

    When I do get around to my farmer dating and tying the knot, the picks are Sebastian, Elliot and Alex, in case anyone's curious.

    *The mouth mask is a remnant of a real-life misdiagnosis. My doctor misdiagnosed me with COPD during the time I started playing Stardew, so I incorporated the disease in my farmer's backstory. IRL, I don't have this disease. I just have severe sinus allergies, but the story's stuck now.

    Sorry about the wall of text. x.x
    • LuthienNightwolf

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      I've had Stardew stuff pop up in dreams too, though I don't remember a thing to tell of by now. lol I guess when you play often and the characters and world become so real to you, or at least, a big part of your day to day life, its not that surprising for them to show up in dreams. I think it's kind of cool actually. :)

      (Also, random but I love your signature. lol I've been watching old episodes of Kitchen Nightmares on youtube lately and I love watching Ramsay rip into people for being dumb. lol)
      • Minimanta

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        Ahh, dreams, they can be so hilariously silly xD
        It's also annoying when there's something you want to know in your dream but don't figure out the answer before you wake up, I hate when that happens!

        I wouldn't be surprised if I've dreamt about SDV too, you tend to dream about stuff you occupy yourself with after all, but I don't remember any of it though.
        • Powerwing Amber

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          It is pretty cool, but also weird when the scenarios make no sense. :laugh:
          (Thanks! :rofl: I wonder if we watched the same ones on Youtube, since I've been watching those lately as well.)

          It's even worse when it's an alarm clock or something that startles you out of sleep. It makes it more difficult to remember much afterwards. :(

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