Modding Help I got the "You don't have the required privileges to use mods" error

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by VocalShibaDog, Jul 26, 2022.

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    I've downloaded Starbound after buying the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on PC. I'm not sure how to solve this issue, so I require everyone's help.

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    maybe you have to complete the game first before using mods, that is just my suggestion. I have never seen this error before.
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    If others have this issue in the future.

    Game Pass version is different from Steam or GOG.

    Try this:
    (archived link)

    Before doing anything, make sure you have the Xbox Gamepass PC Desktop app found on Microsoft's website and is updated to the latest version through Microsoft Store. If it is correctly installed and updated, you should be able to quite easily enable mods through a few clicks.

    Open Xbox Gamepass PC and go to the Starbound store page, after installing the game, three dots should appear next to the "PLAY" button. Click on it and you'll see an option to enable mods.

    \"Enable Mods\" Option

    After clicking on it, a warning message about enabling Mods will appear, read through it and proceed to enable mods. Do note that it requires Admin permissions. After enabling it, a window should appear on the app informing you it has successfully been enabled.

    Do NOT open the Mods Folder as for some reason it redirects you to the wrong location to install mods. Simply close the window for now.

    Where to install Mods
    Congrats, you're now able to install mods! Now for the part where most people get confused at, and for a good reason; Where to install them.

    After enabling mods, clicking on the three dots again will show 2 new different options.

    \"Open Mods Folder\" and \"Disable Mods\" Options

    A new file should have appeared in your Documents folder called "Starbound". If not, make one with that name and launch the game once.

    The folder contains various useful files such as logs and the configs of your game and server (If you host one). But the file that interests us actually does not exist yet. Make a new folder called "mods", that's where you'll install them!

    Both options are pretty self-explanatory but as said before, the "Open Mods Folder" option is NOT where Mods should be installed, ergo why a lot of people are having issues due to this very misleading button.

    The real location is somewhere completely different; In your Documents!


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