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Discussion in 'Mods' started by lpfinfan88, Feb 10, 2019.

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    so im using latest versions of each mod smapi and sdv two mods are the tractor mod and the farm expansion mod when both are active(same time in game) tractor mod does not work and you canmt buy it from robbin(plot of land is there) when i remove the farm expansion it works fine. not sure where to post this sorry if it is in the wrong spot as i could not find a thread on this
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    • lpfinfan88

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      i mean i could but no errors show up
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        It's always best to include the log with issues anyways. The log shows more information than what is visible.
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          [SMAPI] SMAPI 2.10.2 with Stardew Valley 1.3.33 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
          [SMAPI] Mods go here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods
          [SMAPI] Starting game...
          Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 413150
          Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561198045188101 [API loaded no]
          [SMAPI] Loaded 14 mods:
          [SMAPI] Console Commands 2.10.2 by SMAPI | Adds SMAPI console commands that let you manipulate the game.
          [SMAPI] Content Patcher 1.6.3 by Pathoschild | Loads content packs which edit game data and images without changing the game files.
          [SMAPI] Farm Expansion 3.4-beta-unofficial.1-huancz by Advize | Adds an additional plot of land for crops and animals.
          [SMAPI] Fishing Mod 2.7.1 by Zoryn | Lets you change some things about fishing based on a config file.
          [SMAPI] Health Bars 2.7.1 by Zoryn | Shows monster health bars.
          [SMAPI] NPC Map Locations 2.3.1 by Bouhm | Shows NPCs and farmers on the map. Uses a modified map page for accurate tracking.
          [SMAPI] Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety 2.2.2 by Paritee | Customize the types and species of farm animals you can raise without needing to replace the default farm animal types
          [SMAPI] Part of the Community 1.1.5-unofficial.7-pathoschild by Brandon Marquis Markail Green (Space Baby) | Lets you increase friendship by supporting the community.
          [SMAPI] PrairieKingMadeEasy 1.0.1-pathoschild-update by Mucchan | Adds cheat options for the 'Journey of the Prairie King' minigame.
          [SMAPI] Save Backup 2.10.2 by SMAPI | Automatically backs up all your saves once per day into its folder.
          [SMAPI] Stack Everything 2.13 by Cat | Lets you stack BigCraftables (scarecrows, furnaces, casks, etc), Furniture, and Wallpapers up to 999.
          [SMAPI] Swizzy Meads 1.0 by Swizzy Studios | This Mod will add in more variety of Meads. Tulip Mead, Blue Jazz Mead, Summer Spangle Mead, Poppy Mead, Fairy Rose Mead. The process is the same as existing and the mead value will be 2x of the base sell price.
          [SMAPI] Tractor Mod 4.7.3 by Pathoschild | Lets you buy a tractor to more efficiently work with crops, clear twigs and rocks, etc.
          [SMAPI] UI Info Suite 1.7.23 by Cdaragorn | Adds a lot of useful information to the user interface. This is based on Demiacle's excellent UIModSuite.

          [SMAPI] Loaded 2 content packs:
          [SMAPI] MissCoriel's NPC Unique Courtship Response 2.0 by MissCoriel | for Content Patcher | Adds unique dialogue to static dialogue.
          [SMAPI] Yoshi 1.0 by Filipe Mazzon Ribeiro | for Content Patcher | Add a Yoshis as a new entry to Data/FarmAnimals

          [SMAPI] Found 4 mods with warnings:
          [SMAPI] Patched game code
          [SMAPI] --------------------------------------------------
          [SMAPI] These mods directly change the game code. They're more likely to cause errors or bugs in-game; if
          [SMAPI] your game has issues, try removing these first. Otherwise you can ignore this warning.

          [SMAPI] - Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety
          [SMAPI] - Stack Everything
          [SMAPI] - Swizzy Meads

          [SMAPI] No update keys
          [SMAPI] --------------------------------------------------
          [SMAPI] These mods have no update keys in their manifest. SMAPI may not notify you about updates for these
          [SMAPI] mods. Consider notifying the mod authors about this problem.

          [SMAPI] - PrairieKingMadeEasy

          [Fishing Mod] Initialized (press F5 to reload config)
          [Health Bars] Initialized (press F5 to reload config)
          [UI Info Suite] starting.
          [SMAPI] Type 'help' for help, or 'help <cmd>' for a command's usage
          [SMAPI] Farm Expansion uses deprecated code (legacy events are deprecated since SMAPI 2.9).
          [SMAPI] PrairieKingMadeEasy uses deprecated code (legacy events are deprecated since SMAPI 2.9).
          [SMAPI] PrairieKingMadeEasy uses deprecated code (non-string manifest version is deprecated since SMAPI 2.8).
          [SMAPI] Stack Everything uses deprecated code (legacy events are deprecated since SMAPI 2.9).
          • lpfinfan88

            lpfinfan88 Intergalactic Tourist

            so update... as long as you buy the tractor first there seems to be no issue you just cant buy it when you have both activated at the same time if something changes ill post but i would like to figure out whats going on

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