Pixel I do Starbound-style drawings of characters when I'm bored.

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Which one do you prefer? Does Torlax look cute enough to eat? Or does Welsh look 2cool4school?

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  1. Welsh is pretty awesome.

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  2. Torlax is like a button on a button's button.

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  1. CondescendedWow

    CondescendedWow Supernova

    It mostly ends up with me drawing some character I really like from another game or me just finding one of my characters and making my own armour for them so that they fit my ideal image of them. I'm... Ok? With this level of pixel art, I usually do traditional and I'm planning to make a transition to digital art soon so on a side note, when transitioning to digital art from traditional is there any technique to make it easier? Or do I have to learn how to draw all over again.... Which would suck.

    ANYWAYS, HERE. (Look down)

    Welsh: This is Futa Welsh, she's from a different game and she spawned with power armour.
    So I changed around the human's pioneer chest plate and the legs I more or less improvised on.
    You'll notice that
    she has one little pixel near her eye, I don't usually do that but there was just no way I could do that without breaking the 3x3 pixel rule. Her hair is extremely similar to the human's female 1st hairstyle, that's because it is except I just made it fit her more.

    Torlax Thorns: This is one of my characters in Starbound, I perceive him as a laid-back bounty hunter who basically only goes for the big-shot criminals. He has a kevlar vest on, with a golden bounty hunter badge, a belt with a lead buckle that has a golden finish. (The edges got all messed up and I can't
    remember why, so don't ask). I basically just added my own personal touch to his outfit, the rest goes to chucklefish.

    I had about
    3 more, another Floran, a Novakid, and a Glitch but I kinda lost them. (Again, I literally can't remember).
    So that's practically all I can do with pixel
    Back to the question beforehand, I need some kind of technique to
    transition into digital art. I was going to use a drawing pad instead of just mouse and such but I really think that's not all there is to it. I'm good at drawing and I've been building up my skill for more than a couple years now but since art seems to be going more technologically forward I think it's about time for me to move on ahead too, I just need to know how.
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  2. CondescendedWow

    CondescendedWow Supernova

    Leone: This one I just made, Leone is a character from the anime "Akame Ga Kill!" she's my first and only waifu. She literally has no mention of even having a last name so I'm not going to try. Her outfit is all me but again the character template is used for reference and such, I also made her bust bigger because like all awesome anime women she has big boobs. She wears a black tube-top with black underwear and a belt which is actually her Imperial arms (described in show) she has a grey scarf, grey pant-thingies, grey arm-thingies with golden braces near her shoulder. Along with leather boots and golden eyes, she basically portrays a lion... Which she's supposed to: Lazy, fierce, majestic, and awesome in practically all aspects of the word.

    EDIT: the quality in all of these pictures are really crappy because I used *cough* *cough* Paint *cough* no seriously it's horrible and I will never use paint ever again for anything except for these.

    EDIT EDIT: PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BELOW. FOLLOW ME, I FOLLOW BACK. TWEETS4DAYZ. Whatever other social media or whatever things are used.

    EDIT EDIT EDIT: Leone is also a drunk. Like, it's a serious problem. Not like one of those weirds quirks you see a character doing in the middle of battle (like Gray Fullbuster stripping) it's a pass-time thing. But it's a lot.

    EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I also would prefer it if someone would answer my question. It doesn't have to be good but closure is nice.
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    ¿Podrías hacer uno de mi personaje?


    Could you make one of my character?

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