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I can not open my game anymore!!!

Discussion in 'Support' started by miguelzanchett25, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. miguelzanchett25

    miguelzanchett25 Space Hobo

    Hi, I have a big problem here.

    • What's happening?

    I've been playing stardew for a while, taking up to 103 hours on steam, but recently I stayed two weeks without playing and when I tried to play again the game just did not open.

    • What I have tried:

    I have tried everything, uninstalled and installed stardew twice, did the same with steam, rebooted the pc several times, updated all my drivers, watched some tutorials and the game still does not open. And stardew valley is the only steam game that has this problem, all the others work normally.

    • What happen when I start the game:

    When I open the desktop shortcut, the game does not open, it does nothing. Already when I open the game by steam, in the library, the status of the game initially appears "running" for a few seconds, then appears "syncing" and then returns to normal as if it had not been run.

    Please, can anyone help me!!!
    I need to come back to play this wonderful game : P.

    PS: And I'm sorry for my bad English and bad thread, I'm Brazilian and I've never used a forum ;-; .

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