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Closed I am srs.

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Pley0r, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Pley0r

    Pley0r Space Hobo

    Why can't you just put in a support for PaySafeCard so more people can buy that game without messing around with stuff like dumb vouchers from Amazon or other things? How hard is it to make, I don't want to be mean but the amount of developers not using PaySafeCard to get paid is just too big to comprehend.
  2. xXWAGXx

    xXWAGXx Void-Bound Voyager

    The devs don't have anything to do with the payment options,Humble Bundle does.The Devs can't do anything about this.
  3. KirasiN

    KirasiN Existential Complex

    They don't need your money, they just put it on humble bundle to get some extra funds to finish the game without having to work second jobs. They already covered themselves so anything extra is a plus, but not needed.

    Adding support for paysafe will take a lot of time.
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  4. Gredd18

    Gredd18 Giant Laser Beams

    Humblebundle decides on the payment options, and unfortunately you'll have to wait for it to be fully released on steam or something :(
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  5. d3v3l

    d3v3l Guest

    Because owning a debit card with a visa logo on it is hard. "they tewk r jerbs!!!!"
  6. Exkaiser

    Exkaiser Big Damn Hero

    I imagine accepting transactions via PaySafeCard has a fee on the seller's end, as credit cards do, thus there's not a lot to gain from accepting it as a source of payment unless you're expecting a significant number of buyers. This is why many less-popular credit cards (American Express, for example) aren't accepted at a lot of places. From the looks of it, the majority of the games that have a deal with PaySafeCard are all free-to-play online games- things where the target audience is primarily young teens who don't have debit cards of their own.

    I don't think the number of people looking to buy Humble Indie Bundles with PaySafeCards are enough to make it worth implementing (they already lose money on extremely low value Paypal "payments")- and since Starbound's selling through them...

    Luckily for you, the beta will be released on Steam, which does accept your fancy-dancy PSCs.
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  7. Pley0r

    Pley0r Space Hobo

    It is always worth, in Europe there are many people that use PaySafeCards, America is a completely different story man.
  8. Active Link

    Active Link Master Astronaut

    The point we're trying to make is Chucklefish doesn't decide whether or not to accept a certain form of payment. It's up to the Humble Bundle guys. So you need to take this up with them if you want to make a difference.
  9. Lobo

    Lobo Spaceman Spiff

    Nice to meet you srs. I'm Lobo X3
  10. Mercury Gilado

    Mercury Gilado Existential Complex

    I think you are confused. This isn't the front door, this is customer service!

    As for the OP, they have no say thus far in the payment methods. Humble Bundle likely only accepts the most common methods people use, and they use those four methods for everything, from the looks of it. I'd say "take it up with Humble Bundle", but I doubt you'd get far for the reasons I said.
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