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I am so sick of Mixed Seeds.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by muttlover, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Madeliene Madness

    Madeliene Madness Poptop Tamer

    Plant em in your Greenhouse in Winter. You're welcome.
    • ShneekeyTheLost

      ShneekeyTheLost Spaceman Spiff

      By the time winter rolls around, my greenhouse is already full of far more valuable things.

      Thanks, but no thanks.
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      • Zosa

        Zosa Subatomic Cosmonaut

        ?? i've gotten three or four coffee plants from mixed seeds :rofl: to be fair i've planted hundreds of the things over several games so maybe it is a glitch, hahaha

        i have played forage farms where i only planted what i dug up and mixed seeds are good for that, especially if you pretend you need food and do the whole morning/evening meal since it keeps you from getting too tied to eating the same thing all the time(or spending too much at the saloon)
        • guitardude_324

          guitardude_324 Big Damn Hero

          I'm more than happy to find them in my first spring and summer. (also hoping in vain that some miracle glitch will happen and give me a red cabbage) After summer, I have no use for them. I Instinctively trash them, even if I have lots of inventory space.

          Question: didn't you used to get Energy/Health from eating mixed seeds in an early build of the game?
          • squigglyruth

            squigglyruth Contact!

            I also use them for bundles runs and other speed runs like the race to Farming 10. I often plant as many as possible on Day 1, when there isn't a huge amount else to do and the main limit on planting is money. It means I don't have to buy a cauliflower to plant, which frees up more money for parsnips. (You still need to buy green bean as mixed seeds don't produce that). It also gives an extra boost to early farming XP, which ups the proportion of gold crops harvested and snowballs into more profit throughout the game.

            If I have spare watering energy, I might plant mixed seeds later in spring. That tends to happen most often on runs where I skip the egg festival. I will plant them in summer Y1 if I have spare sprinklers. I rarely plant them after that.

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