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Discussion in 'Modding Discussion' started by Retrospective, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Retrospective

    Retrospective Space Spelunker

    I am seriously thinking of making a small Single Player campaign. I have no programming skills and I just started out using the editor so this might take a while.Here is a small overview of the planed features and a bunch of other information.

    The story is a about a small band of mercenaries that is hired to investigate a derelict ship. They split up in 2 squads and as they enter the ship they realize that are not alone and to make things worse the ship hyper jumps .Stranded in unknown space they have no chance but to try to retake and repair the ship.

    Cast 4 (planed) characters
    The Leader
    A veteran in space combat , a natural born leader and a good tactician.
    The Tech
    The newest member of the squad , hes knowledge of machinery is invaluable outside combat.
    The Medic
    He seems to be extremely interested in how the infestation works.
    The Pirate
    The Wild card of the team , to say that hes mentally unstable is an understatement.

    The ship
    Most of the ship sections are heavily damaged and will not be accessible without spacesuits . The rest of the ship has seen better days buts most of the equipment sill works. I am thinking of making about 20 maps or so (probably 5 per ship section).

    Custom Stuff
    Custom unit sprites will be present (nothing fancy just edits of the original sprites) , I am also thinking of adding a few more decals and a bunch of new guns.
    I don't know if I can add custom skills for the characters but ill try.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That's all I got for now feel free to comment , also suggestions are always welcome.
    • Seminus

      Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

      That sounds like an interesting idea! :)
      I like the split up teams idea, it opens a lot of interesting story plots and situations.
      Only thing that I may would change is that you are missing a female cast. Make the Tech or even the leader a woman would be cool.

      Looking forward to some screenshots and progress reports and let us know if you hit a road block or have questions. We try to help as much as we can. :)
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      • Image Not Available

        Image Not Available Pangalactic Porcupine

        Sounds pretty interesting, I'll definitely check it out once its finished

        Never understood that logic, why have a character be X or Y if it doesn't add anything to the character? Having a woman just for the sake of having a woman is silly.
        • The | Suit

          The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

          The same logic falls in the other direction. There is also no reason not to have one.
          Generally it is an audience issue - if it doesn't matter having a male or female character [ non story issue ] adding one at least adds something for all players to correlate too.

          The more people can correlate with a character the more people will enjoy your game.
          • Image Not Available

            Image Not Available Pangalactic Porcupine

            Nonsense, game mechanics make a game enjoyable not characters. Characters make the story enjoyable but they don't need to be relatable for that. And they certainly don't need to correspond to the official PC-approved ratios for gender and racial diversity. So if the author envisioned a cast of characters and they all end up white males it doesn't matter one bit as long as they're interesting.
            • The | Suit

              The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

              Wouldn't that be contradictory statement?
              You just said - characters don't make it enjoyable. Hence there would be no reason not to include them.

              As I said - unless the story demands such a restriction - there really is no reason not too. Unless the developer is hell bent on not doing it for personal bias. To make a better society it is always better to be inclusive than exclusive. Little things make a huge difference when manipulating the minds of individuals.
              • Image Not Available

                Image Not Available Pangalactic Porcupine

                Did you even read my post? I said characters make the story enjoyable. The game stands on its own or do you really think Tetris is held up by its entertaining cast?

                Well that just made me facepalm. The guy is doing a mod for entertainment purposes, he's not trying to brainwash people.

                All I can say, OP, not everyone is as narrowminded as the quoted poster, so don't feel discouraged. Just do whatever characters you think make for a good story no matter what they end up being so long as they end up interesting. The majority of people will judge them by their merits and not their conformity to some arbitrary social engineering project.
                • The | Suit

                  The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

                  The real question is did you? The story is part of the game in the end of the day.
                  Tetris has no cast. May want to make relevant arguments - though the whole contradictions don't help that case much either.

                  It also isn't a question of brain washing.
                  Just a question of being more open minded and not sticking to norms of the last decade.
                  • Seminus

                    Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

                    There is no reason to get angry here, I was just pointing to the male only staff and that I prefer to have a realistic cast that has both genders in it.

                    So please keep this civilized and do not attack each other personally. Also this is a thread about the mod done by @Retrospective and is not the place to talk pro/cons of female cast.
                    You are free to exchange opinions in a new thread, as long as it stays nice and calm.
                    • Jonesy

                      Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

                      As Seminus said, please keep it civil.
                      • ScorpyX

                        ScorpyX Aquatic Astronaut

                      • Retrospective

                        Retrospective Space Spelunker

                        Here a bunch of logs for anyone interested in that kind of stuff.
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                        • Seminus

                          Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

                          that is cool! Especially because we had logs planned too for the original Halfway, but had to drop them out of time constrains. :)
                          • Retrospective

                            Retrospective Space Spelunker

                            A "Director's Cut" version of the game should fix that ; )
                            • Osvir

                              Osvir Space Hobo

                              Hey! Is your project still in the work Retrospective? I want to hone my Pixel Art skills, and I even got PyxelEdit (license) just so I could make stuff specifically for Halfway :p (But I trailed off on a tangent and instead started making a 2D Platformer xD)

                              If you're interested, I'd be more than happy lend my manpower to this project :)
                              • Retrospective

                                Retrospective Space Spelunker

                                Not really ; I just don't have the time right now (working 2 jobs and all). If you what you can make a bunch of stuff ; I am sure that there are other moders that would love to use them. In fact any "custom" content is welcomed here.

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