Building/Ship Hylotl Planet

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  1. Albussystems

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    Starbound, Hylotl Planet2 evensmaller Skaled 5000.png
    A Hylotl Planet

    Have fun watching :)

    New Part I:

    New Part II:

    "Some Music in the drive in Concert Hall"

    A few Parts are not decorated yet and some are under construction.
    To do: finish Library, decorated Castle, build smithy, build Astrology, build some subs;

    One interessting info may be that in the Templepart upper-left Picture are all Clothing Items in Vanilla Starbound. + I renovated and integrated an Avian Airship, Hylotl Town and Hylotl Castle out of Vanilla in my style.

    Some Cutscenes:

    Here is a Link to download the file:
    New Link to a full size version (130MB PNG):

    Mods used in this build (Thank you, you wonderfull ppl for enhancing the game so much:)

    Many Thanks to:
    Extra Zoom Levels - Patchumz
    Prop Pack - rare_candy_bracelet
    Frackin' Universe - Sayter / Cari The Kitty / Behold the Robes / Hubnester
    Portable Paint Tool - gay monster dad
    (TanzLO) No passthrough - TanzNukeTeror
    Base In A Box - Pilchenstein
    Modules in a box - Pilchenstein
    Day & Night Sensor - strong
    Avali (Triage) Race Mod - Fevix / Devani
    Avali Augments And Assorments: Revisited - Blue
    Concert Equipment - Imblazed247
    Lex Secret Blocks - Lex
    Nostalgic Greenery (FU-dependent Version) - Charlatan
    Fixed Critters - Heck'n Cool Doggo / Azure Fang
    Any Capture - Darexon
    Xbawks Character Extender - Kawa
    Advanced Proximity Sensor - zoomah
    Field Generator - Pilchenstein
    Hull Plating Blocks and More - revived! - bk3000
    Mannequin head - NinjaChameleonX
    Posed Mannequins - skell.E
    Functional Hylotl Bookcases - TheCookieMaker
    Wire I/O Node Position Fixer - CarlZalph
    Platform Hatches - Weaver
    Pimp My Ride! - Bloopers / eralois
    Pixlaroid! camera to get ur own picture - 呼_(-ω- 」∠)_ / deprecated
    Placeable Spaceships - ya boi pAThiCC StAR
    Water Source (all liquids version) - Mus_niro
    Explorerpod - Lukky
    Ceiling Mounted Sprinkler - Numenization
    Pixel Goods Store - Cookie the Ice-Cream Kookaburra / debugman18
    New Tiles and Greebles - Storm_UK
    Very Varied Vehicles - Thundr-Knight / Beaky Boi
    Old Stuff - Cookie the Ice-Cream Kookaburra
    Themed Pet Tethers - Kais
    Wiring Service Panels - Darth Biomech
    XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition - lophatkao
    Enhanced Rails - Ready? One more time!
    Builder Tools ID Compatibility Patch - zoomah
    Builder Tools - gay monster aunt
    Invisible Pet Tether - Ready? One more time!
    Capturepod Chest - Manlibear
    Shreddys' Complex Blocks - Shreddys
    StarTroid - Seeko
    Sloped Glass Blocks - gay monster aunt
    Stargate Invasion - swefpifh, AcidChalk, Deon , White_Red_Dragons ;
    Protectorate Furniture - detective
    I Need That Ancient Circle Light. - Naii Elyuex
    More threads - Lag reducer - 8-thread edition - Null_Error
    Modern Trams - Nekobi
    The Game Hunter - Peasly Wellbott
    WD Luthier + RealKeys - Instruments - Alex WaveDiver
    Gardenbot2 : Reboot Edition - lophatkao
    Item Frame - Peasly Wellbott
    Very Varied Vehicles - Some spice to the hover bike shop - Thundr-Knight, Beaky Boi ;
    Concert Equipment - Imblazed247
    Ground Seeders - novastarx13
    Chozo Statue - Hunter
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  2. Ickura

    Ickura Big Damn Hero

    JEEZE LOUISE this is AMAZING! How long did it take you to build all of this????
  3. Albussystems

    Albussystems Pangalactic Porcupine

    thx^^ as i said i had to start many times... one was on an online server. Each Planet came up to about 1/8th or 1/7th parts of this more or less finished Version.
    Answer: All together tooo many hours :)

    (And the worst..... it keeps going...)
  4. rare_candy_bracelet

    rare_candy_bracelet Existential Complex

    nice work, dude! it's always nice seeing giant builds!

    especially when they incorporate some of my objects too
  5. Albussystems

    Albussystems Pangalactic Porcupine

    Thx and sorry i forgot your mod...^^ changed that.
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  6. NuclearSlayer52

    NuclearSlayer52 Phantasmal Quasar

    assuming that you left this there its likely you still need help with this... im pretty sure if you open it in gimp and use ctrl+e to export it itll try to compress the image (ive not noticed quality loss so if there is any its likely not enough to notice) and then just go to the .png file (making sure that you exported it as that) and then copy into a .zip file (winrar/7zip not windows as i think its default is a folder or atleast acted like it from memory) and that should make it smaller and then you can try making it read only as apperently that helps

    try uploading it once exported and if that doesnt work do it after the zip and if not you can try the read only

    also i think you should be able to upload the full image by itself if its under 150mb even if you have to download it to view it, if you want it to be seen directly in the browser then the zip wont work and read only might not

    hopefully thats useful, you might be able to open a discord server, upload it and then open its url and paste here, though that makes it likely to be the picture frame with the x faster then other things (though an admin might be able to download it then upload directly while bypassing the sites limit, depending on why its set to 10mb)
  7. Albussystems

    Albussystems Pangalactic Porcupine

    Thx for your time, but there is a small misunderstanding/miscommunication but you said something about it too, so i`ll change it in the post and say it once here:
    My question or ask for help was/is about:
    Main Picture without export = 434 MB (51136 x 14252 pixel)
    Exported Picture = 131 MB (38388 x 10699 pixel - any further downscale and the pic doesn`t look well)

    I wanted to upload it somewhere like Imgur so Ppl can look at it directly. There is no service for free which supports those sizes...
    Further i already uploaded the Picture on two different hosters, but the first asks for an Emailadress so you receive a downloadlink...
    so i got the new one where you can just download the file. !!! AAAnd ofc i will not put it as a zip file or such - who downloads and opens Zipfiles^^
    But again thx for trying!
  8. Catherine Franz

    Catherine Franz Spaceman Spiff

    I'm fine with losing fps if I can see such Aesthetics > w>ll
  9. Albussystems

    Albussystems Pangalactic Porcupine

    Part III has been added.

    The Picture has not been updated yet..

    The Videos show the most advanced version

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  10. Albussystems

    Albussystems Pangalactic Porcupine

    Part IV has been added.

    The Museum

    The Picture has still not been updated yet.. (so much to do:)

    The Videos show the most advanced version

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  11. Albussystems

    Albussystems Pangalactic Porcupine

    Due to many changes a new Part I.
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  12. Albussystems

    Albussystems Pangalactic Porcupine

    The City is finished. The Last two Videos have been uploaded and the only thing i'll maybe do in the funture is to make a stitch.
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  13. Albussystems

    Albussystems Pangalactic Porcupine

    The Stitch is done. enjoy.
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  14. Beatrice

    Beatrice Spaceman Spiff

    Welcome back. :)

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