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RELEASED Hylotl Master Ship

Discussion in 'Ships' started by Vain.3805, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Vain.3805

    Vain.3805 Void-Bound Voyager

    All races will now use the Hylotl ship from the start.

    WARNING - as with all mods that effect ship layout - DO NOT LEAVE THINGS LYING AROUND ON THE FLOOR/WALLS/CEILINGS. Different layout means some items may vanish, becomes inaccessible, ect. Your original ship storage container attached to the wall is safe.
    Unlike other mods such as the "Untrained" series this does what I want. This doesn't alter your universe. This doesn't require a ship upgrade. This doesn't replace your racial pet and S.A.I.L. with the Hylotl crab. This works on fresh universes and existing universes. This doesn't require other mods to try to fix S.A.I.L. back to your race or using command codes.

    This only does what it actually says it does. Changes every racial ship to the visual layout of the Hylotl. Doesn't change your S.A.I.L. Doesn't even have a universe_server.patch file.


    "But, Vain. It's *bigger* than those other nice, lightweight mods. WHY?!"
    Hah. Lightweight. Right. If by lightweight you mean the butterfly and the hurricane analogy, then sure, those other mods are lightweight. Unlike those other mods, I changed the actual files the game uses for ship layouts. The image and structure files. Mods that instead use the universe_server file are only *redirecting* the ship data to the Hylotl ship data. That's why they also change your racial pet and S.A.I.L.! Your ship doesn't just *look* like the Hylotl ship, it *is* the Hylotl ship! They're smaller because they are just changing the file paths of the ships to all be the same as the Hylotl's.

    "I dunno... sounds... drastic."
    It was really really simple, actually. I took all the racial ship folders, deleted the image and structure files and replaced them with the Hyltotl ones. Then I buzzed through them with a .bat file to rename them to match the original file names and then I went through and updated the file names in the formerly-Hylotl structure files to match too! CTRL+R ftw
    This is what those other mods were trying to do with the universe_server edits, but wound up changing a lot more than just the ship! AND I WANT MY PUFFY CLOUD NOVAKID PET.

    "Hold on... doesn't that make this mod... DIRTY?!"
    I guess it could be seen that way... but it's dirtiness is sorta essential. Any other mod changing the .structure or the .png files would break this one no matter how it was packed. There's no way this will play nice with any other mod that adjusts ship images or layouts without them being designed to play nice with this mod.

    "But I don't want to change *all* the ships to be Hylotl, just the awful Novakid one!"
    Have I got a deal for you! Just unpack the mod and delete the ship/<race> folder that you want to keep vanilla! SexualRhinocerous made a handy dandy guide for unpacking .pak files or just download the Loose version!

    "I want to use your mod but I want to use Steam! I NEED MUH IN GAME BROWSER."
    Me too, fam... me too. Get my mod from Steam!

    "I want to make x race use y race's ship but use z race's pet!"
    Sounds fun. Feel free to use the files in this mod for your own purposes! It's not like what I did was super magical.

    "I want to use a mod that changes how the Hylotl ship looks but it doesn't change the other race's Hylotl ships!"
    You'll have to go through the same steps I did to replace the image files. Make sure to see if it's changing the default Hylotl structure files as well because if it is you'll have to essentially redo what I did making this mod to adapt their Hylotl changes for all races!

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