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RELEASED Hylian Weapons of Legends (1.3.3 Version) 0.6.0

Craft weapons, items, armors, etc. from The Legend of Zelda series!

  1. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    That's the way shields are in the vanilla game. If you use shields then you block damage. The only thing I can do is try to make them weaker, but they are meant for early to mid game. Once you get better armor then there is no need for shields.

    The Master Sword is supposed to parry when in your offhand (or right hand). It gives an option for people who don't use shields a way to defend.
  2. testcaps

    testcaps Space Spelunker

    Grate mod! But how to craft farore flame ?
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  3. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    You can make the flames at the Phantom Hourglass. Take any fragment (Farore, Nayru, and Din) then place it in the Phantom Hourglass to alter it into the respective flame. Also I put that information on my Overview page under the Crafting Recipe WIP spoiler tag.
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  4. enderlordmc

    enderlordmc Big Damn Hero

    the demise sword should still do that since demise actually did that in the game, also most people who don't use shields tend to dual weild(or use 2 banded weapons but thats beside the point) , and your'e offhand parry kinda ruins that
  5. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    The Master Sword and Demise Sword both count as a broadsword in the code so I can't get rid of the parrying without making them short swords. Also the Master Sword parries in the Wind Waker btw. I just couldn't get it to do the same exact thing. I wanted to make the Master Sword more unique by giving it a parry kind of like the Wind Waker version. It's not perfect, but I thought it was a neat idea.
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  6. enderlordmc

    enderlordmc Big Damn Hero

    1. make it a shortsword but give it the weapon name "longsword" 2. no it doesn't, link avoids the attack and counters. that's not a parry it's a reposte
  7. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    It is called a parry in the Wind Waker and not a riposte, so I am making the Master Sword keep the parry system that Starbound uses atm. Maybe until I can figure out something better for the Combat Update. Also I don't care if it doesn't actually use the correct term. That is what the developers of Zelda chose to call it. The Master Sword isn't meant to be dual wielded with another sword either.

    Also the definition of a parry versus riposte

    Parry is a fencing bladework maneuver intended to deflect or block an incoming attack. (Which is what the Master Sword is doing in Starbound when used, but in the right hand instead of left)

    Riposte is an offensive action with the intent of hitting one's opponent, made by the fencer who has just parried an attack. (I can agree that this is what the Master Sword does in the Wind Waker, but after the parry motion. Maybe the developers didn't feel like calling it Parry and Riposte so they included them in one attack and just stuck with the name parry)
  8. enderlordmc

    enderlordmc Big Damn Hero

    i fixed your dye problem
    -redacted link-

    your recipe files still called for vanilla dye, i fixed it
    edit: except for mmmirrorshield, it needs yellow dye and hylia dye isn't in yet
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  9. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    The dyes show up just fine in the latest update I did weeks ago. So, you must be using an old one.
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  10. enderlordmc

    enderlordmc Big Damn Hero

    oh you did fix that, i could've sworn i downloaded the latest version as soon as it went up, maybe the mediafire link didnt update right away. i'll delete the dropbox link
  11. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    I usually delete the previous mediafire link and add a new download. I think people downloading the mod get redirected to an older download when that happens. So, it is not your fault don't worry. I try to upload the new link as quick as possible so that doesn't happen too often.
  12. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    I am working on stuff for my mod in the Starbound Unstable Nightly atm. I am trying to get it ready for the Combat Update (Glad Giraffe) when it releases.
  13. Preacher

    Preacher Phantasmal Quasar

    Glad you still develop it :)!
  14. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    I have a question and ONE question only!!

    where have you been all this time?!? or rather ME! good lords just when I return to Starbound, this is just the finishing touch! the cherry on top of the case! the explosion at the end of the -aahh you get my point, this looks incredible! I cant begin to imagine the ammount of work that has been put on this! really good on you!
  15. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    So, there is good news and bad news...

    Bad News: My interest in Starbound has waned a bit. A lot of things have been happening irl so I haven't been working on my mod. I think the next update will only add a few things for Glad Giraffe when that releases.

    Good News: I am still working on ideas for my mod. My mod will be updated for Glad Giraffe.
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  16. PãoTheForma

    PãoTheForma Space Hobo

    This error happens every time I try to open the game (Translated by google:/)
    Sem título.png
  17. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    I have tested my mod out and it works fine in Pleased Giraffe. The latest version that you can download of my mod won't work in Glad Giraffe (Starbound Unstable nightly) atm.
  18. enderlordmc

    enderlordmc Big Damn Hero

    i have a lot of ideas:
    1. a magic mirror; needs 10 silver, 10 titanium, a diamond, 120 force dust(we'll get to that) and nayru dye. it lets you teleport to your ship from anywhere. "i can see my reflec- WOAH!"
    2. i didn't like a mortal being able to craft weapons of the gods, so instead we find a hylian ruins explorer(a mogma) to the left of the gate in the outpost. he gives you a few mission quests

    • first we go to a group of floating islands (skyloft) to find the goddess sword "sword in the sky: psst, hey you, yes you. so there's this group of floating islands a few miles off hylian cradle III, imagine the treasure in a place like that! i'll tell you what, if you go there i'll give you a cut of whatever you find. here are the co-ordinates" "sky islands: strange, this mass of islands appears to be floating. the source of propulsion or buoyancy is unknown,there are also the ruins of a city in this place. maybe you should go in and investigate""sword in the sky: WHAT! you went there and all you found was this sword!? you know what, keep it. its probably not worth that much anyway."
    • time for the flames! first farores flame we go to the ancient cistern and meet ghirahim! for this mission he acts like an "anti-nuru" from the floran party. attempting to hinder your progress by activating trap doors and releasing monsters, and finally summoning the boss, coloctos. coloctos has 6 arms with "elbow nodes" that have 100 health which after they destroyed he loses that arm, and when all of his arms are gone his core becomes open having 1000 health. when he takes 250 damage he regens his arms. and so on and so forth. all the while he tries to hit you with his arms" COURAGE or stupidity: so there's this temple behind a waterfall, also on hylian cradle III. i hear there is a great treasure there. same deal as before, go check it out and get a cut of the findings.""waterfall temple: it seems simple enough, but be careful. you never know what you'll encounter. im also picking up an energy like that sword you found but a lot stronger, but also one inverse to it....""COURAGE or stupidity: WHAT! you went there but all you found was this weird green flame!? you know what keep it it's probably not worth that much anyway."
    • now nayrus flame in the sandship. for obvious reasons we cant do the timeshift gimmick so this is gonna go much differently from SS but i have an idea... we fix it from ruin, using parts from nearby ruins like the "abandoned" pirate outpost, the ruined port town and the nearby cave; and get a flame for you and a boat for the mogma (bout time he got his treasure) from it. but just as you get the last part socketed in the sandship a glitch pirate captain warps in teleport effect and all (it's about as much of a diablous ex nihlo as good ol' whopie goldberg from SS)"threatening, this ships mine now" he has 2.5 k health and a few moves: bullet storm:he jumps into the air and fires 10 shots at the player. slice: about like bash but a bit longer range. pop pop: he fires 2 shots at the player. charge: he runs forward dragging his blade behind him and if he touches the player in this state he swings his sword up knocking you into the air. at 2 k health he drops his sword into the sand then draws another one and activates it which makes it do electric damage"confident:you think i don't carry a spare" and at 1k he'll lose his sword arm and start swinging his hook around, it has less range but does more damage. slice becomes hook and he use charge a lot more but he stops using his gun"consolatory, at least i have my hook""WISE owl: so there's this derelict boat in the middle of the desert... still on hylian cradle III , what!? it's a valuable planet! but- oh you get the point, loot ship, get cut ." "desert boat: there is a boat in the middle of the desert maybe we can fix it up and give it to the mogma. i am also detecting another energy like the flame you found in the waterfall temple""WISE owl: WHAT! you got me the whole ship!? as promised here is your cut. oh... there's nothing in the cargo hold except this weird blue flame. what? you'll take that? okay. i gotta get this to penguin bay! they'll have this space-worthy in a galactic standard week."
    • and now for dins flame. we also cross swords with ghirahim he has 3000 health and a few moves; dark daggers: ghirahim launches 5 dark daggers. blade flurry:he swings his sword 5 times in rapid succesion moving forward a little bit each time lunge: he runs forward with his forward in front of him about 10 blocks dealing contact damage at 1.5 k he will dual weild his sword and his moveset will change; twin lunge:kind of self explanatory blade storm: he swings both swords 5 times each totaling 10 swings advancing forward a little bit each time. dagger flurry:he launches 10 dark daggers. after you defeat ghirahim he escapes... but instead of the normal teleporter you fing a "dodgy looking teleporter" that "looks like it hasn't been used in 100 years"it checks a boolean to trck if you've completed the mission before if its false it sets it to true and sends you to the seald temple where you meet the old lady from SS and she gives you a mission quest and an expo. dump but that's next "overPOWERed: apparently i need diamonds to pay for the boat to ship conversion-upupupup put your pack away, i have an idea. there's a volcano on hylian cradle III, it's bound to have lots of them. you know what to do."volcano temple: apparently theres a temple here, i wonder if that mogma knew about this... im also detecting a power like those flames you found, but that inverse power is back...""overPOWERed: WHAT! you went there but all you found was this wierd red flame and this teleporter that took you to this temple with an old lady in it!? keep the flame because YOU"RE FIRED!!!"

    i written enough for now i'll give a part 2 later
    (note: most of these will require basic lua... i'm patient, i can wait till you do that)
  19. enderlordmc

    enderlordmc Big Damn Hero

    mega suggestion part 2: electric boogaloo : the continuing:

    3:remember the force dust that we mentioned in part 1 that’s the new use for the phantom hourglass since the flame is aquired in active form. it acts like a refinery, turning various ores into it at the rate they turn to pixels(except trianglum which converts to 350). it also stacks to 9999. all magical items made at the hylian station will need it. “it acts like flux would in welding, but instead of welding metal you are welding magic.”

    4:also remember the old lady from part 1 she's where you get the quest(s) to make the true master sword

    • “true courage: where did you get that sword! could you be the one!? only one way to find out… *the old lad
    • y gives you coordinates to a backwater forest planet* ””mysterious forest:what could be in this forest… theres a really powerful energy reading sort of like that flame but 100x stronger””true courage: you defeated ghoma! you may just be him...” on this planet you find a hollowed out tree which holds the triforce of courage(the triforce will replace the spiritual stones but won't have their exact function you’ll see) and what may be the biggest spider you’ve ever seen (ghoma) with 3 k hp and a few moves
      • web shot: fires a web that disables jumping for 30 seconds (uses the move every 25 seconds)

      • egg lay: lays 5 eggs that hatch into baby ghomas with 300 health and retreats to the ceiling

      • bash: you know what this does

      • body slam: do i need to...
    • “true power:you completed the trial of courage, but there are still 2 more. so now we go on to the trial of power*she gives you coordinates to a heavily volcanic planet*””mysterious volcano:what could be in this volcano… im also detecting another one of those golden triangles””true power:you killed king dodongo!? we’re almost there...” in the volcano you find a cave with the triforce of power and a GIANT FIRE BREATHING LIZARD(king dodongo) with 1 k hp but is invincible unless stunned and also a few attacks

      • fire breath: takes up the entire room in front of him, but he can’t turn around while charging it or cancel it. get behind him.

      • roll: he rolls across the room until hitting the wall, stunning himself until he takes 250 damage, or hitting you dealing damaging you

      • bite: like bash but with a shiny new name

      • tail spin: he spins around 180* dealing damage and turning around
    • “true wisdom: this is the last trial, the trial of wisdom *she gives you the coordinates to an obscure ocean planet*””mysterious ocean: what could be in this ocean… im also detecting another one of those golden triangles” next time you meet the old lady she’s badly injured and the aliminating amber crystal you never gave much thought is gone “true wisdom: .o u c h…” in the ocean you find the triforce of courage gaurded by a load of puzzles

    • “true darkness: . . .g i r a h i m. . . h y l i a””defeat girahim: ...whos hylia? well anyway... by scanning the golden triangles we found and inversing the results i was able to use that data to pinpoint the location of girahim. go get ‘em!” be fore the fight starts ghirahim gives a small expo. dump “long before humans, florans, apex, glitch, avians, hylotl, novakids, or even the ancients; there was a race of people with a drop of holy blood, not like the false gods of the avians, but true godly blood- yhe blood of the goddess hylia. these people were called hylians and by the hand of my master they were all destroyed, but in the planets final hours hylia sealed him away in this place, i intend to release him using hylias very soul. what!? you think you can stop me!? i’d like to see you try. i’ll warn you i was merely toying with you before, this time THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!!”

      • ghirahim only technically has 3 hp (like erichus horror) but “none of your attacks do damage but they will knock him back a little.” he fights you on a platform over insta-kill terrain and illuminated by an amber crystal overhead, if you knock him off he takes one damage

      • blade swing: does little damage but knocks you back and is his only move

        • “true darkness: what are you!? oh well, the ritual is nearly complete. in mere moments my master will be free and you will be dead.”

        • after this quest completes a golden light flows from the amber crystal into the ground and from this light pops a chunk of what seems to be amber named “goddess’ blessing” which prompts a quest “deus ex lux(god from the light): a voice from seemingly everywhere tells you: “gather this blessing and the blade of evil's bane together to awaken it” “deus ex lux: this is the master swords true power, it may just be able to stop what comes next.”

    • “true finale: you truly want to fight me, [player race]. you know what, entertain me. it’s been 2,000,000 years since i’ve had a good fight, i’ll wait for you here. take your time getting ready, i’ve got all eternity. ”

      • demise. 4 k hp no gimmicks just a straight fight. okay maybe 1 gimmick, his attack has no charge period and isn’t displayed. but to prevent spamming every frame it has a cooldown. at 2 k hp he calls down lightning and begins to do electric damage. drops ghirahim jewel which is now uncraftable

        • blade swing:does exactly what it says on the tin .25 second cooldown
        • "true finale: h o w i s t h i s p o s s i b l e gr-gra-GRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

    due to laziness you don't get the fun coloring that the last one did
    take your time implemnting this l3w, i have all eternity...
  20. caboose42977

    caboose42977 Yeah, You!

    i would love to have something like a basic guide in game like in a book where it gives like a obscure way to get items like the winning ticket, the flames, and other things unless its already a thing i have only had starbound a couple days so im still new

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