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RELEASED Hylian Weapons of Legends (1.3.3 Version) 0.6.0

Craft weapons, items, armors, etc. from The Legend of Zelda series!

  1. bluestorm2112

    bluestorm2112 Tentacle Wrangler

    Cool, thank you for the information. I'm interested to see what you can do with the outfits. :)
  2. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    HEY! LISTEN! :heylisten:

    If anyone has questions, then I suggest your read my mod overview page first. And some of the more frequent questions people constantly ask me are under the FAQ section toward the bottom of the page.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2016
  3. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    I added a "What do the weapons etc. do? WIP tab on my overview page until I carefully revise their descriptions in game (a lot of them are self explanatory).


    I understand that there are people who haven't played all the games in the series so some of the weapons, items, etc. descriptions may seem confusing, but I wanted to make the weapons reference the games they originally came from... Also anyone who hasn't played all of the games really should play the rest of them sometime (I strongly recommend doing so). I mean you can get a lot of the games in the Zelda series on the virtual eshop for both the Wii U and the 3DS real cheap (If you don't own either a Wii U or 3DS, then I suggest looking into buying them). And you can get the rest physically for both the Wii U and the 3DS respectively. Also Breath of the Wild is coming out for both the Wii U and NX Q1 of next year (hopefully), so you might want to look into that too. Anyways I will put the description updates on my list of things to do... :zzz:
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016
  4. SaiyanKirby

    SaiyanKirby Void-Bound Voyager

    The True Master Sword doesn't work with the Weapon Fusion Station mod, likely because its item description doesn't list it as a broadsword-type weapon, unlike the regular Master Sword which works in the station.
  5. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    I am working on a fix for the Hookshots and Longshot. I will check and see if there are more things that broke with the new update...

    I will probably post an update sometime this week~ :heylisten:
  6. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

  7. l4ng4m

    l4ng4m Orbital Explorer

    Hi your powderkeg is causing problems with Frackin Universe it makes crashes thanks
  8. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    I can't help if I don't get a starbound.log file (in a spoiler tab). Also, if the powderkeg is crashing because of Frackin Universe, then that is an issue with the Frackin Universe mod and not mine because my powderkeg uses the vanilla (original) Starbound code.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
  9. l4ng4m

    l4ng4m Orbital Explorer

    ok i just goin to say goodbye now to this mod :( it wont work with frackin universe whenever i do. i lov dis mod but i mus let go :(
  10. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    It's simple to find the Starbound.log

    Go to: Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/storage


    I will post a hofix soon. It should be compatible with FU shortly.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
  11. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    L3W updated Hylian Weapons of Legends (1.1 Version) with a new update entry:

    FU compatibility hotfix

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. l4ng4m

    l4ng4m Orbital Explorer

  13. WarlockEro

    WarlockEro Void-Bound Voyager

    So i found i couldn't make the great fairy sword nor the ice rod cause the items are no longer in the game.
  14. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    The Great Fairy Sword (and other swords) can be found in the red Fire Medallion tab and the Ice Rod (just like the Fire Rod) can be found in the orange Spirit Medallion tab of my Hylian Station. I am using the version of my mod everyone else downloads. I just checked and they are there~ :heylisten:
  15. BeckyRAT

    BeckyRAT Astral Cartographer

    Any chance you plan to resize these weapons? Cause holy crap... xD
    These are... RIDICULOUSLY huge.
    That's the size of a normal spear in game...
  16. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    They used to be longer than that :p

    I mean if it really bothers people, then I can look into making them shorter a bit, but they will always be longer than spears.
  17. Ansler

    Ansler Void-Bound Voyager

    If you're still working on this mod I'd love to see the Guitar of Waves from Majora's Mask as a playable instrument. If this isn't still active I'll have to figure out how to get my sprite to look better.
  18. L3W

    L3W Ketchup Robot

    I've been on hiatus because I lost interest in Starbound for awhile. I am trying to get back into modding again, but I would definitely like to make more Zelda related instruments sometime! :heylisten:
  19. keaporokor

    keaporokor Aquatic Astronaut

    And for Broadsword Spin ATK It's possible to have this skill with the broard sword 1handed
  20. keaporokor

    keaporokor Aquatic Astronaut

    You using shield and sword 1handed possible ?

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