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RELEASED Hydrostation 2.7

Custom & Nilla Liquid Mixing/Tanks/Grenades

  1. ArcaneArchon

    ArcaneArchon Aquatic Astronaut

    Thanks. I am a fan of quicksand, as you might already be able to tell. The idea of a cute girl being swallowed by the earth and coated in gooey mud in the process while she is having fun...I just love that.
  2. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    lol yea i can see how so!
  3. Thundercraft

    Thundercraft Phantasmal Quasar

    EDIT: Nevermind... I've somehow confused this mod with the Liquid Reactions Tank in the Small Improvements mod. :facepalm:

    Anyway, I'm still hoping to see a Steam Workshop version.

    Also, are there any plans to add support for Frackin' Universe liquids? :pwease:
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2016
  4. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    probably not cause i tried to talk to the guy about a liquid share so i didnt have to patch his into my interface for just SOME users

    they said they didnt see any use for my stuff so no. it kinda soured me on the whole situation so i didnt make a patch im sorry

    i will most likely just fill the buttons with various custom liquids and requests for liquids
  5. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    also yes i will get the steam workshop stuff done at some point sorry
  6. coemgen98

    coemgen98 Orbital Explorer

    Hello! I'm having problems with the liquids overall. Whenever I try to mix them, the graphics disappear and my game crashes. I have a lot of mods installed so I thought it was just an incompatibility. Though when I tried with just your mod alone, it still crashes. I'm currently using the latest version. Thanks!
  7. Imblazed247

    Imblazed247 Ketchup Robot

    cool thanks is at all liquids or a select couple ill still look into it regardless but will be easier to know what ones

    also to delete your log files and generate a fresh one then add it here it would expedite things

    also if your trying to use liquids that are not from vanilla or my mod the mixing might not sync up correctly either
  8. coemgen98

    coemgen98 Orbital Explorer

    Okay, so the only liquid mod I have been using is yours. The crash always happens when I try to mix anything with lava except for water and healing water, anything with poison literally, and anything with oil. The sprites appear as pure black which disappears after a few seconds then it crashes. My character is also acting like its swimming in a liquid when I tried jumping in it. The logs are posted below Thanks! Hope the issue can be easily settled.

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