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Huntress Action Figure [WIP]

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by DarkTails, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. DarkTails

    DarkTails Big Damn Hero

    A few years late to the party, I recently picked up Risk of Rain, and it's been fun despite everything being so zoomed out and tiny lol.

    Unfortunately there's very little fanart in general for this game, but I like the few fan interpretations of what those pixel characters could look like. I stumbled across someone who made sick fanart of all the playable characters and decided to practice sculpting by making their Huntress - http://tink29.deviantart.com/art/Risk-of-Rain-Huntress-483705599

    Here's a WIP shot of what I have so far:


    The base figure is super generic so all detail has to be sculpted. Taking a few liberties here and there, but it's mostly based on Tink's art.

    Not sure if I want to sell it (I need money for art supplies :( ) or keep it. I've only unlocked the Enforcer so far so haven't even gotten to use the Huntress. xD Will also be making a few items, she's already wearing the evasion sash and has a little Thqwib buddy.

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