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RELEASED Hunting Weapons + 1.0

Adds more hunting weapons to Starbound.

  1. Damo_McLighter

    Damo_McLighter Void-Bound Voyager

  2. Fenrir Warwolf

    Fenrir Warwolf Orbital Explorer

    what race in image?
  3. silver54clay

    silver54clay Void-Bound Voyager

  4. Kuxo

    Kuxo Void-Bound Voyager

    Does this work with FrackenUniverse?
  5. vedroidex

    vedroidex Intergalactic Tourist

    WARNING! If you have a crash the game after opened accessing the second tab in your harvesting station (bows, etc.) use this advice:
    1. find the file titaniumbow.activeitem (...\mods\huntingweaponsplus\items\bows\titaniumbow)
    2. open it (any text redactor, for example Notepad++)
    3. find 2(second) string which called "itemName" : "titaniumbow",
    4. rename "titaniumbow" to "tb_titaniumbow"
    5. save file and exit. Now you can run the game.

    This correction tested on Starbound v.1.3
    Good hunting!

    P.S.: petition to author: please correct this usefull mod in next update
    ALSO(I found it from steam forum,quote):
    "ConfusingDalek 9/06/2017 23:07
    Hey, just letting you know there's an error in the recipe file for the durasteel hunting rifle. According to the starbound log, there's an error due to there being no item ID durasteel. You probably wanted dursteelbar." - I followed this and fixed already to ahead of the future bag.
  6. vedroidex

    vedroidex Intergalactic Tourist

    Ok. Probably this mod was abandoned. I suggest easy way. This file include all corrects which I wrote about above. Author can use this file for update mod or proper design tag "Updates"/"Version History" for usability seaching.

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