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Bug/Issue Human Ship crew hug teleporter

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Marcus101RR, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Marcus101RR

    Marcus101RR Void-Bound Voyager

    Tested On: Single Player
    Character: Casual

    My current ship has about six crew members on an upgraded (Ship Upgrade III) and tend to stay hugging the teleporter. Georgi is the only one who managed to leave that area and sleep in the Captain's bed. Meanwhile, all the beds are located in the second upgrade expansion (Ship Upgrade II), however, they don't go there or anywhere else. Regarding, sterling, he was 'E' on to follow me and then dismissed resulting him to stay there.

    It is important to note, I have tried using E on the npcs, and then dismissing them, they walk right back and hug the teleporter area.
    Additional Notes: Mara is a Tailor and she is a Flirty NPC, result she follows me around. Seems as if she is the only one that doesn't get stuck or hugs the teleporter. When she is done, she does get stuck and hugs teleporter like the rest.
    How to Resolve: None yet.

    Anyone else have this issue with other ship/races/classes?
    First Screenshot
    Second Screenshot
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  2. boltmarrow

    boltmarrow Intergalactic Tourist

    I'm getting this problem too, kinda frustrating :c

  3. Watrguy

    Watrguy Space Hobo

    I too have the same issue.

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